Mummy Diary - Weekend in Melaka with Miya

by - August 16, 2016

Spent our weekend in Melaka, it was a 2 hour journey to from KL, this round it was a impromptu decision to visit Melaka but I manage to squeeze work and family together. Our first 2 days 1 night trip to Melaka at The Pines Melaka with Miya.

Stayed at The Pines Melaka because of the concept of this hotel, it's actually studio suites turned into hotels. The room were spacious, definitely something you'll look into when you're like with kids. There's a small kitchen area which gave me ample space to prepare Miya's porridge.

Here's the little girl having fun on the bed hence the silly face :)




The facility was great, there's are 2 pools available, a gym which is suitable for people like me, yeah the ones who can't swim, and large play ground which she enjoyed really really much.

There are also poolside suits available, which seems like a really good choice for hubs and Miya since they enjoy the water, definitely a hotel I'm coming back the next round.


The Shore shopping mall is a few minutes away and Jonker street is 5 minutes drives away, walking distance is approximately 15 minutes according to the hotel staff. There's a night market available at Jonker Street every weekend, you'll get to enjoy the local delicacies in Melaka. We loved the asam laksa, cendol and baked oysters. The stalls are easily spotted at the end of Jonker Walk, there will be chairs and tables available for seating. Here's my yummylicious dinner :)

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