Affordable Food in SS2 | Jack's Chill & Spicy Tales SS2 Review

by - June 14, 2017

An affordable food is more than a good meal that does not cost a lot, it is also a place you will want to come back and visit with friends and family and somehow I believe eating well doesn't mean you have to pay more. Jack's Chill & Spicy Tales is perfect for your everyday lunch and dinner, the cafe provides affordable yet quality food! 

Jack's Chill & Spicy Tales is conveniently located in the neighborhood of SS2. This newly open cafe is only 5 months old, the food menu here is mostly dominated with Asian comfort food menu with 30 over choices of food and drinks. Tried some of their best-sellers so here they were: squid with pork filling in spicy & sweet paste, prawn sautéed with coconut milk, crispy fried tofu-pok with fragrant pork filling, fried chicken wings with glutinous rice as spice & few others.

1. Squid with pork filling in spicy & sweet paste RM15
This is a perfect dish with delightful seasoning for the pork filling squid, the spicy, sweet and sour sauce was the highlight of the dish, the flavors were just amazing.

2. Prawn sautéed with coconut milk RM14
Inspired by Vietnamese Cuisine, the fresh prawn is cook with coconut milk, for those who like something mild yet flavorful, I highly recommend this.

3. Crispy Fried Tofu-Pok with Fragrant Pork Filling RM10
This is a must have! I was really impressed with the texture of the tofu-pok, it was crunchy and crispy on the outside yet soft inside, the sweet and sour sauce compliment the dish.

4. Vietnam Style Fried Chicken Drumsticks RM12
The deep fried chicken was very juicy and delicious, it came with 2 sauces, the first was soya sauce with sesame oil and the second sauce was Thai chili sauce with mayonnaise.

5. Garlic Prawn RM12
Now this has got to be my favorite menu! Cooked with garlic and chili padi, it was pretty spicy but it's generously and richly seasoned that I wouldn't mind having just the rice and the garlic sauce dressing!

6. Spicy Pork Stir Fry with spring onion RM12
Aromatic stir fried spicy minced pork with yet again impressive seasoning that suited my palate, juicy fats and dressed with their spicy sauce.

7. Fried Chicken Wings with Glutinous Rice RM10
This has been their best-selling dish, the glutinous rice flour makes the fried chicken crispy and flavourful. The saltiness of the chicken makes it a really great dish that goes along well with beer!

A variety of refreshing beverages is also available at Jack's Chill & Spicy Tales. Here were some of the best sellers that we manage to try, Vietnam Sweet Assam Drink with fried peanuts, Strawberry Smoothie, Oreo Smoothie, Passion Fruit Cooler & 4 mocktails - Pussyfoot, Virgin Pina Colada, Shirley-Temple and Mango Lime Tea.

If you notice the pricing the price ranges from as low as RM10 - RM16, the food here is indeed super affordable and by the amount paid based on my visit the food was not disappointing at all! I can really see myself coming back again because cheap eats like this is really hard to find in Klang Valley, thanks, Rachel from FoodiLIFEcious for introducing me to such great food!

Jacks Chill & Spicy Tales
No.28 (ground floor) , Jalan SS2/66
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia .
Opening Hours: Mon - Sun 11AM - 11PM
Contact: 03-7865 3288

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