Mummy Diary - Miya stay at Columbia Asia

by - July 10, 2016

Life at a hospital is terribly stressful. The constant disturbance from the hospital can drive you nuts especially when you're here for the 5th day. Yeah that's how we spent the raya holidays this year. Miya was admitted due to virus.

She was having the usual cough and flu for 4 days but this round with fever which is the first time for her, the usual nebuliser is doing her no good. Dr Ting suggested us to admit her because she needs to double up her dosage and change her antibiotics.

Now back to topic! Why is the hospital driving me nuts?

I understand the need for checking her temperature I understand her medicine needs to be taken on time but what I do not understand is why does the cleaner come in at odd hours to clean the room waking my baby up, why does this random lady asking if I would like to change my room, why would I want to change my room?

Then there's this other lady who wakes the baby again asking what would you like for breakfast,lunch and dinner! Will u just place the menu so I can pick it? Then we have the food delivery guy who come in 3  times a day and it's funny he'll ask me where would I like my food to be place every single time! Oh give me a break please! Just place it on the place where you have been doing so for the last 4 days!

Please be sensitive when it's with a toddler! They are sick and cranky! They cry and scream whenever they do not get enough sleep, they get nightmares and then scream again throughout the night and the mum doesn't get any sleep at all!

We miss home badly and hopefully Miya get to be discharged by tomorrow.

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