Antah Wellness Defend Tag & Protect Nanosilver Spray

by - July 05, 2021

Ever since the pandemic attack last year, many of us have a look into taking precautions differently. In our mind, we are always thinking about boosting our immune systems, as well as being more aware of our hygiene and how to eliminate germs in our surroundings so we can live in a clean and healthy environment.

Recently I came across Antah Wellness Defend Tag & Protect Nanosilver Spray that is convenient & easy to use, the duo helps eliminate airborne and surface-dwelling viruses and bacteria in a room-sized range, without causing any harm to the users.

Antah Wellness Defend Tag gives you the bearer of one cubic meter of protection from airborne germs which is why it is a popular sanitary item right now. Defend tag works by releasing small amounts of Chlorine Dioxide (ClO²) gas at low concentrations is proven to be a safe and effective anti-microbial agent. 

One sachet provides 45-days of protection within the space of 1 cubic meter around the bearer. So remember to write down your date when you start using it and discard it properly after use. 

Antah Wellness Protect Nanosilver Spray is a natural and safe nanosilver-based disinfectant, this versatile sanitizer contains deionized water infused with active nanosilver <10ppm that effectively disinfects and sanitizes in less than a minute. 

You can use Protect Nanosilver Spray anytime & anywhere for all-rounded protection against germs, it works as a cleansing and antiseptic agent for minor burns, wounds, acne, and even body odor, just carry it in your bag and use it whenever is needed.

This bundle comes in handy at worrying times like that but don't get me wrong, this is not a substitute for the SOP we need to adhere to like handwashing, social distancing, and putting your face mask, this is just additional protection that can be done on top of that. 

Feel free to grab this bundle now from Antah Wellness Official Store on Shopee HERE for every purchase of this bundle pack, you will also receive COVID insurance coverage for one person. 

If you require more information on Antah Wellness products, feel free to visit their website

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