Monday, January 25, 2021

Staying Healthy with Nano Singapore Supplements

I’ve spent the last month trying out Nano Singapore supplements before I decided to share them with you guys. Things have been hectic recently, with the current rising cases of covid-19 in Malaysia, juggling my work and having the kids home, it is not easy at all! 

Compared to the first lockdown, I was more health cautious, I did all the cooking by myself but I guess after anticipating what will happen during MCO2.0 thing weren't the same, I was depending more on food deliveries, working over the clock to get my jobs done, I realized that I should really step in for myself with lifestyle & diet changes. 

Taking supplements became an important part of my diet to help me stay balanced, let me share what is my favorite Nano Singapore Supplements for me and my family. 

Let’s talk about Nano Singapore Supplements

Nano Singapore aims to bring world innovation supplements into Malaysia! Their products are well formulated in Singapore and made in USA. What I really like about them is there are no artificial ingredients, color additives, GMOs, soy, wheat, gluten, chemicals, or preservatives in all of their supplements, not to mention how delicious the gummies taste and it's available in Malaysia on Shopee 

One of the ways I detox my body is using the 15 Day Colon Detox Formula that's packed with 11 amazing ingredients including acai berry, chlorella (superfood), black walnut, ginger & papaya to help promote colon cleansing by eliminating the toxins from our body. 

All these are done easily with just 2 pills every morning before I take my breakfast, I've tested the product for 15 days to be exact and I've found a noticeable difference in how I feel ever since I started the supplement, I used to have serious bloating problems after each meal and irregular bowel movements, in my experience they do help with stomach problems, it has lessened my bloating and given me regular bowel movements. 

Along with detox supplement, I also take the Hair, Skin and Nails Extreme that's complete with 28 all-natural ingredients including biotin & antioxidants, love the use of this supplement because it isn't limited to the hair alone since it can also be used to strengthen the nail and aid its growth also. 

By adding just two capsules after breakfast, you’ll see healthier hair, more radiant skin, and stronger nails that begin within after 2 weeks, for me, I've got more baby hair growing right now. 

My latest supplement obsessions are these Turmeric w/ Black Pepper GUMMIES & Kids Complete Multivitamin GUMMIES and they are incredibly delicious, Miya has been reminding me to give her the vitamins each day. 

As a mum I like to have the upper hand at keep my kids protected as much as I can which is why I make sure my kids take their vitamins daily to get all of the nutrients needed, both gummies are healthy daily supplements suitable for children aged 4 and above,  the dosage is easy, simply take one each day to keep them healthy and keep their immune system at their strongest. 


Turmeric w/ Black Pepper GUMMIES helps to promote healthy immunity, joint, and heart while Kids Complete Multivitamin GUMMIES  is a complete daily vitamin with Vitamin A, B, C, D,  for healthy vision, healthy brain, stronger immunity, and stronger bones.

Have you tried Nano Singapore Supplements? What do you think of it? You can check them out online here at there is a 20% sitewide discount for all online shoppers, on top of a $5 welcome voucher for new signups as well.


  1. Yupe! My family and I have been taking these awesome supplements from Nano Singapore too. So far it is really good. :)

  2. it seems like turmeric supplements are trending now! i am very interested in trying their nair, skin and nail, need to buy one later!

  3. Was about to read your blogs! Thank you for sharing this! Health is wealth! At least do some research before consuming.