Hi loves! Welcome to my blog, I am Jia Shin, also known as Yan by some of my friends, the reason why and where did Yan came from is because when you pronounce my mandarin name ๅ˜‰ๆฌฃ in Cantonese it's Kah Yan hence the name Yan!

On social media I'm known as @jiashinlee, I'm 32 years old this year, a full time working mom with 2 beautiful girls, Miya and Mina, we are residing in the capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.

Jia Shin Lee is a lifestyle blog founded in 2017, it started off as I needed a space to pen down my thoughts about how I entered motherhood because I wanted to document my life with my daughters as well as my love for beauty, food, and traveling.

It makes me happy to be able to share with my readers my experience, knowledge, and stories that will inspire or even help someone. I update my blog weekly go check back every week for an update and don't be afraid to reach out to me via social media or email jiashin.lee@yahoo.com

Here are some of the achievements I've made in the past year

Thank you for the recognition for my work, I am very grateful for that :)