Neubodi Fitting Session + Bra Review

by - September 18, 2018

Feeling good in your lingerie is something really important to me when I feel my best is when I'm at my best. Confidence in what I'm wearing not only makes me feel good, it gives me the self-confidence I need as well!

If your boobs are popping out by the sides, your straps are always slipping off, your underwire digging into your ribcage, your bra band sits high in your back, you've got to read this post, trust me this will change your life!

I favor comfort so my bras need to make me feel comfortable throughout my day which is at least an average 8-hour, thanks to the Boobies workshop by Neubodi and The Butterfly Project, I finally went for a bra fitting session which was long overdue because I am still stuck with the size I've been wearing since high school and needless to say I've gained weight and lost weight the past few years which is why I'm probably not getting the right fit.

My fitting session with Neubodi

The bra fitter at Neubodi is super professional y taking a glanced at me she spotted my problems, they do not use the measurement tape instead they use a unique hand measuring technique that measures our rib cage to help determine the best bra that will suit my shape and size, to be honest, I was really skeptical when she told me band size was a 34 because I've been a 36 for as long as I know because that's what the measuring tape tells me.

She brought me my new bra size which was a 34G and thought me how to put on my bra correctly using the swoop, scoop and smooth method, practice makes perfect, the first few times I was a lil lost then I got the hang of it, swoop all those extra meat from the back to your front, scoop your boobies to make sure they fit in the cup and smooth the bra line.

So I am completely wrong about my bra size all this while and I've always thought that there's nothing wrong with my bras! I'm guilty of 3 cup size smaller and 1 band size bigger so from a 36D I am now a 34G #smh how did this happen?

Being fitted and wearing my new size changed not only how I felt, but also how my clothes fit. I was so much more comfortable all day. Also for the first time in the history of my life, I didn’t rip my bra off the second I got home. The quality and durability of Neubodi's bra is really good, the shape still remains beautiful after repeated wearing and washing, both of the bras I choose were full cup bra because I needed better support to help position my breast.

Choosing a bra that fits well and supports those beautiful boobs of yours is really important. Surprisingly, the right bra can even make the rest of you look slimmer by helping you pull everything into place, giving you a better posture.

Here's a fact I found out during the workshop, which I find relatable to me, I constantly get headaches and part of it might be my bad posture, I've been slouching ever since primary school, prolly because I felt like a giant and my boobs really stood out that time and I did not get the right bra. I was told if our breast weight is not distributed well, the excess support through the neck area caused painful neck muscles while will lead to headaches in the end. Interesting right? I'm gonna try to correct my posture, and hopefully, the pain will go away!

About Neubodi 

Neubodi was established in 2008 by founder, Ms. Ann Tan to they specialize in helping you find the perfect bra, with over 600 chic and sexy designs that come in different sizes ranging from 65A to 100I there will be a bra will suit your needs depending on your lifestyle! Neubodi carries a vast variety of bra wardrobe essentials, you'll find everything you need here, from day to day bras, seamless bra, sports bra, shapewear, and nightwear.

Here are the list of Neubodi Stores in Malaysia

KL & Selangor
One Utama Shopping Centre
Aeon Bukit Tinggi Shopping Centre
Bangsar Village II
Empire Shopping Gallery
Mid Valley Megamall
Robinsons Four Seasons KL
Encorp Strand

Gurney Plaza

Sabah & Sarawak
Imago Shopping Mall
Suria Sabah Shopping Centre
Vivacity Mall

For more information check out their website

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