Gaston Luga Pråper Backpack + 15% discount code

by - September 11, 2018

If you're a sleek minimalist or a fashionista then let me introduce you to Gaston Luga's backpack! I've discovered the power of Gaston Luga's backpacks, they aren't just trendy,  I can really dress up or down with it! They are suitable for weekends and it has been an essential item for me at work, especially when my commute involves catching a train and walking!

Gaston Luga backpacks are beautifully made from durable material to last a lifetime which is why it's worth investing in. This bag is designed in Sweden by Carl Sundqvist with the aim to bring style and comfort for its user, I love how there are many designs to choose from for both men and women.

I got myself a Pråper in Olive & Black because I needed something that is neutral enough that my husband could wear it as well because he is my usual partner in crime whenever I go.

Let's go through the features of this backpack

First of all, this is one durable bag thanks to its construction, built from thick, strong cotton and vegan leather, it is made for heavy usage and has water resistance in case it rains.

The bag comes in a few compartments, a gently lined interior to accommodate my 15" laptop and Gaston Luga's signature passport pocket at the back of the backpack - where you can use to store important documents i.e. passport, cards, cash that you need to access easily while on the road.

Perfect for traveling 
At 18 litters, this bag will meet airline requirements for size.

For those who are looking for a stylish and functional backpack I highly recommend you to get yourself a Gaston Luga, it is the perfect gift for yourself or even for a loved one!

Use my code JIASHIN15 for 15% off and free international express shipping
p/s they are also giving away a colored address tag worth USD29 with every bag purchase

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