Keep your family clean and comfortable with Kleenex Ultra Soft Bath Tissue

by - September 20, 2018

Keeping my family clean and comfortable at the same time is my top priority. I’ve recently come across Kleenex Ultra Soft Bath Tissue and I’m impress with how well it cleans.

Kleenex is a fabulous brand, especially their Clean Care range, the tissue is so soft and strong at the same time with 3-ply thick sheets.
My reason for switching over and adding these to my bathroom necessities is because of the product itself; The cheaper ones tend to be thin and rips off easily every time I use them. Not to mention, it's usually really harsh on our skin which makes it really uncomfortable and sometimes it causes skin irritation as well. I'm glad that Kleenex Ultra Soft Bath Tissue is comfy and it's thick and absorbent without leaving a mess behind, it leaves us feeling clean and fresh.

Kleenex Ultra Soft Bath Tissue features:

✓ CleanWeave pattern
Each sheet is crafted with cleanweave pattern to help remove dirt thoroughly.

✓ Charcoal Extract
Helps absorbs all those unwanted odour

✓ Cushiony Softness
Comfortable and gentle, allows you to clean delicate areas without causing abrasion to tender, baby skin.

✓ 100% Quality Virgin fiber
Kleenex uses high quality pure virgin fiber which makes their cotton extract safe for your little ones.

Wanna try Kleenex Ultra Soft tissue for you and your family? You can get it here at

For more information visit Kleenex at or their facebook page at

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