My Double Eyelid Procedure at NextMed Clinic by Dr Alicia Liw

by - September 03, 2018

Hey loves! I'm finally ready to write around my double eyelid procedure I did recently at NextMed Clinic so in this post I'll be sharing about the procedure and the transformation I did. 

Here’s a picture of my eyes without any makeup in the morning. You can see that I have hooded lids which is mostly known as 内双 and one eye is bigger than the other. 

I've always wanted double eyelids because I've got small tiny little sepet asian eyes and people who know me will know how much I wanted to change that, not that my monolids were ugly but it just felt like something is missing and I knew that someday I would do something to change it! Besides that, I was sick of getting comments from people to ask me to open up my eyes when they take pictures of me which is not possible because it's open, just that it's very small.

Actually I had a hard time deciding because my family and friends assured me how I know fine and my eyes look beautiful in my own ways and I have a history of being very paranoid which is why I’m afraid things will go wrong, therefore, going to a trustworthy doctor makes a lot of difference, please girls, if you want to get your eyes done don't do it at beauty salons, it is just not worth the risk! They are not medical professionals which is why they do not have the right to do anything invasive. It is really sad to read about failed cases on the news and hopefully, my readers don't fall for a trap like that because the price difference is worth it.

NextMed Signature double eyelid

NextMed Signature double eyelid is the double eyelid procedure I did, this is a popular technique in Korea known as DST (double suture and twist) technique that gives us permanent natural looking double eyelids (can last forever if your doctor is good), using sutured/stitching method, this is a non-surgical procedure, it is quick, scarless, and full recovery takes only about 2 weeks which is really short compared to the cutting method which requires longer downtime.


Since I was really indecisive, I came to NextMed Clinic twice before I actually undergo the procedure, my first visit was just a consultation to see if I was the right candidate to do this procedure and I was given time to think about the crease I would like to go for and after I've decided I came back for my Double Eyelid Procedure.

Thanks to Dr. Alicia and team for being so patient with me, she showed and explained to me the types and sizes of eyelid that will suit me after thinking for weeks I finally decided to go with Parallel eyelids there is much more room for makeup.

Basically, there's two type of crease to choose from - Tapered or Parallel.

Tapered –the inner corner of the eyelid joins with the eyes

Parallel – the inner corner of the eyelid that doesn’t join with the eyes, most caucasian have this


After deciding on my desired double eyelid, I proceed to have my pictures taken in different angle and I was escorted to a room to prepare for the procedure. Dr. Alicia checked with me again on my desired eyelid and started doing the markings then she started the stitching, the procedure was quicker than I expect, it took less than an hour and to be honest I felt more comfortable than getting PRP done because I didn't feel anything at all not even a prick.

Is it painful?

Believe it or not, it is not painful at all! I did not feel anything during the procedure, no joke Dr. Alicia Liw is super skillful! I was actually waiting for the "painful jab" that I read in most blog I could find but I did not feel anything and I was so blur, I didn't know she already started working on my eye. The next day, my eyes were just really really swollen but there's no pain it was just uncomfortable because it felt really heavy and I had no bruises at all!

How long is the downtime?

The downtime for this procedure will take approximately 1-2 week but it varies from individual. I went back to work the next day with my super swollen eyes, wore glasses and nobody noticed a thing but for my eyes to become really natural it took me 6 months because I had really puffy lids.

When can I apply makeup and contact lens?

I started using them after a week even though my Dr. Alicia suggested 2 weeks prior to it but I had a few big events that needed me to dress up and look decent but I removed my makeup carefully and avoided using any makeup near my eyes.

My recovery process

This was right after my procedure, my eyes are super swollen, they just felt really heavy and droopy and hard to open, you'll notice a few small incisions on my upper lids but it healed within a week.

The first 2 weeks were hard, my left eye healed slower than the other one which got me really worried, it was just really swollen and I just needed to be patient and wait for the results. By week 3, I looked better and after a month it looked more natural, most people won't notice that I've undergone a double eyelid procedure even my dad didn't notice #smh but there are still some swelling going on, hopefully they would all disappear soon because it does give me the feel that one eye is larger than the other, not sure if it's me or what, I can be quite difficult sometimes.

Update: It's been 6 months after the procedure, my eyes are looks really natural now, nobody knows I've done anything with it, remember I mentioned I felt that my eyes were unbalanced? I went back again for a review with Dr. Alicia and she suggested I start training my eye muscles - basically, I have to keep my eyes wide open because I wasn't getting used to eyelids which is why my eyes were droopy.

Here's a few tips - rest well because I noticed if I sleep late my eyes will be puffier which is why it's really important to get enough sleep, I also took vitamin c to help with my healing process and I also limit sodium intake, the more salt we put into our body, the more water our body holds onto, reducing it will reduce the amount of swelling.

Anyway, that pretty much sums up my experience with the Double Eyelid Procedure at Nextmed Clinic. Once again, thank you Nextmed Clinic for giving me permanent natural looking double eyelids I've always dreamed of!

ps I've tried to cover as much as I could in this blog post but if you've got more question do pop me an email I'll be happy to share 😊

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