Dusseldorf, Germany Part 2

by - May 26, 2015

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Today we got a chance to visit Rheineturm. This is the place to catch the view of Düsseldorf, the view was magnificent.

We went up chill for a short while then came down and had ice cream. My never ending love for ice cream 😋

The rest of the trip was spent on shopping.

Our next stop was Cologne.

Ricky has always been excited about Koln. He's always telling me stories of his trip there unfortunately I was terribly sick, I had a throat infection and unfortunately in Europe it was not easy to get medications like in Asia.They only gave me lozenges so it became worse and I started having fever :/ Well the lesson here is to prepare medications when we travel, I was too focus on my trip I totally forgotten about my medications.

The only place I manage to visit was the Cologne Cathedral. The view was just breathtaking.






After the visit to the church, I was hunting for food again and found, Merzenich Backereien.

The place is always busy, they serve really good pastries and the one paticular that really caught my attention was the mini croissants, still the best I ever had.


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