Baby Miya's arrival

by - June 25, 2015


Welcome my lil princess! Kok Miya 米雅
She's finally here!


Here's how content I am after my delivery.

It all started with light spotting on the 23rd June, clean my house one last round before I woke Ric up. I can remember how excited he was. Jumping up getting ready but I told him to chill there are no contractions just spotting.

Went to the hospital after lunch after the check up it seems like I have no signs of contractions and I'm only 2 to 3 cm dilated. I was given a choice to either check in or go home so I requested to go home and rest instead.

Things were fine until 4am in the morning, I started feeling it, like finally, now I know what contractions feels like lol vain but yeah I wanted to know. It was bearable so I waited until I find it painful woke Ric up and went to the hospital.

This time it was real. I am 6cm dilated! I was pushed into the delivery room. Nurses were getting ready. My doctor will be in by 7am. It was really painful by then I remember squeezing his hand other than that I just kept staring at the clock hoping 7am will come soon.

Doc came, thank god because I felt like she's coming out. All I could remember was them telling me to push they could see the baby's head already. You see the problem with me I didn't know how to push breath and push again. Geram it was painful I remember telling Ric I can't do it anymore lol so the doc motivated me by saying once the baby is out the pain will go away. So I took a deep breath and push and she was out 8am sharp!

Immediately they put her into my arms. No, I did not cry but I was amazed by how this little thing came from me. The journey was wonderful and I couldn't ask for more.

All I know she's my priority, my princess, and my latest addiction.

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