Mummy Diary - Getting your husband to help

by - July 22, 2015


To keep a relationship healthy I always believe in communication. Yes I was terribly cranky yesterday but I made my point and he understood.

It is not easy being a mother, now I know why. Sleep is never enough after your child is born, she wakes up every hour, the first week of holding your child in your hand and trying to cuddle her to bed makes me feel as if I've lost my limbs, yes it's that painful. Constant nagging for not staying in bed during confinements doesn't help either.

I had a long chat with my husband, explaining during the transition period I need a lot of help because it's not the same anymore.

He made an effort to come home early last night. Cooked dinner for me which was a good thought but he's not gonna get a chance to lay a foot in my kitchen again. He tried cooking kacangma chicken, a dish from sarawak which is good for confinement but he burnt the herbs, cook the chicken in a non stick pan without using flour so in the end I took over and help save the day :P

He also threw out the garbage and boiled water without me asking this round. #thankgod

Even gave me time to sleep at night. I slept at 10pm while he took care of Miya then woke up at 1am to DL her. 3 hours of sleep is just precious. I'm terribly grateful. Later on when she woke up he made her drink from the bottle which gave me time to pump my engorged breast.

Having help at home feels so good. I am really glad that he understands that for this to work he must participate. At one point he tried changing her diapers but I stopped him because she did a massive poop perhaps next round he can try changing a pee diaper it'll be easier.

Jia you my hubs 💪

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