Chinese New Year 2016

by - February 14, 2016


It's my favourite time of the year! Mostly because of the any paos and good food :) I need to watch my diet before I turn into a fatty boom boom pregnancy fat is still haunting me #plsleavemealone

Anyway Happy Chinese New Year :) funny how I kept this blog to myself I guess it's my way of releasing stress rant as well as keep my memories fresh. Perhaps someday I will share it to everyone.

Ever since grandma pass away things are not the same and they will never be. CNY is different without her, her lovely fried glass noodles steam chicken braised pork fried prawns steam broccoli and mushroom will not be the usual food we will be having. I've been telling myself I need to recreate these dishes but never had a chance to do so, maybe when I have time I will start this project.

Anyway since I'm married now we got to share cny for 2 family which is not easy. I miss being home because going back is always so boring, literally do nothing for a few days.

To make things worst Miya has fallen ill for the very first time #bmrocks lol! She's having minor cough and flu hence she needs to be nebulise. Thank god I found this dr in Puchong which is open during weekends and holidays. He's not a very friendly person but he gets the job done which works fine for me.

My little one who is feeling better! I think every parents biggest fear is for their kids to fall sick. Nobody wants that but it's only normal for a child to fall sick and grow her immune system.

chor5 ❤️

Chor6 at uncle's place

one thing I miss most about cny is mahjong! Man I used to play till the morning and then continue for days and now I can't even touch them :(

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