2017 New Year Resolution

by - January 12, 2017

Happy new year :)

Finally made a new year resolution or should I say I'm finally in my right mind after the holidays after calming down I'm mentally fit again.

I'm gonna change and be a better person this year so instead of making list of things I won't be able to achieve, I am gonna focus on 3 and make sure I get them done.

1. Focus on what makes me happy

I notice in the past I'm always hoping for more in results to that I'm unhappy when things do not go my way or when I'm unable to achieve what I've planned becoming an sour puss I've brought so much unhappiness to my relationship and myself for that I'm truly sorry.

2. Project TNR 

There are too many strays around the area and since Miya is already 1 year old, I have some extra time for myself. I'll help trap neuter and release the cats in my area. This will be a meaningful project and I intend to start by the end of this week. Gonna make some calls to double confirm the price and start building relationships with the alley cats 😂

3. Travel 

Travelling makes me a happier person that's why. I'll love to see the world, irregardless if it's the good side or the bad side, I want to see them all. While I'm still young and energetic I'll like to take this opportunity to venture, to learn new things, to meet new people and taste new food. This year I'll keep things simple, I'll target either Vietnam or Myanmar, both are on my list of to visit and hopefully I'll have enough this year.

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  1. I hope I get to travel more as well.... outside of Malaysia. It's May now and it is not happening yet!