Barbie Eyesland Color Contact Lens Review

by - July 26, 2017

Don't you love changing your eye colors time to time to create a different look? I love how these color contact lenses are able to highlight my eyes by enlarging them a little bit and accentuate the makeup I put on. I've got a chance to try out the best selling Oh My Pearl Brown 14mm lenses that I received from

Barbie eyesland provides a variety of cosmetic color contact lenses at the most affordable prices. Their circle lenses can multiple effects, ranging from natural-looking to super bold and larger-than-life.  These lenses are the disposable type which will last for a month when it's time to discard your lenses you will know because they will become so uncomfortable to wear.


Here's me trying on one side of the lens, you can clearly see that one eye is smaller than the other. 


This is the effect of having both eyes in Oh My Kathy, I just love it gave me the natural big eye look. 


Barbie Eyesland lens are really affordable, they are priced at RM25-RM30 depending on the series chosen. Here are the promotions they are running for the month of July.


The lenses are quite thin, the 14mm diameter is the most natural and comfortable, having just the right amount of enlargement and the perfect opacity level to conceal black eyes, it really suits my daily needs on getting a natural look.


Barbie Eyesland

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