Keeping my child's teeth healthy with Darlie Jolly Junior

by - September 23, 2017

This is a question that pops into my head when I had my first child. I had a tough time judging how much dental care a child needs but as a parent, I would like to prevent cavities and teach her good oral hygiene but what is the best way to do it and when should I let Miya start brushing her own teeth?

Good oral hygiene should begin at an early age, I started cleaning Miya with a wet cloth after each feeding when she was a baby to keep her gums clean, as soon as she started having her little tooth, I gave her a kids sized toothbrush to practice with but continue using the wet cloth because I was worried that she would not know how to spit out the toothpaste at such a young age so I did not give her any but as she turned 2 this year I started to give her a pea size of toothpaste and taught her how to spit and she seems to be doing it pretty well.

Darlie Junior recently came out with 2 new toothpaste that will suit your child needs, there are 2 flavors available with cute Rilakkuma packaging designs, the toothpaste contains food-grade ingredients with no added sugar and formulation with fluoride and calcium and xylitol that helps prevent cavities.

For kids, 2-6 years old try Jolly Junior comes in Vanilla Flavour, the milk teeth enamel is thinner and it could easily cause cavity. Darlie Jolly Junior is able to protect your child's teeth from cavity with fluoride and calcium and xylitol formulation. The toothpaste is in gel form to make it gentle and easy for cleaning. For kids, 6-10 years old Jolly Junior comes in Strawberry Flavour, during mixed dentition period, it is important to keep oral cavity clean and strengthen teeth to resist cavity, therefore, this toothpaste will definitely be able to help keep good oral health for your child.

Darlie Junior also came up with an app for your kids to have fun while brushing their teeth, download the Darlie Brush-Up app and experience Jolly Tooth Brushing with Rilakkuma! Check out how much fun Miya had while brushing her teeth, she seems to be enjoying that 2 minutes a lot :)

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