Things To Pack and To Leave Behind For Your Holiday Travels

by - November 27, 2017

It's Time To Travel! What To Bring Along And What To Leave Behind?

The ultimate travel help is here to keep you in check with all your travel preparations. Every now and then, one needs to travel to relax and recharge oneself. It is important too to make sure before you start your flight search phase, the things you bring with you are the things you need to bring and the things that you should keep away at home is right at home. We don’t want unnecessary stuff that will just add pounds to our luggage.

Here are some tips that can help you narrow down the stuff you need and your stuff you need to leave behind. Oh, heads up on the news of the day, Traveloka is throwing great deals including cheap AirAsia ticket price online as we approach the end of 2017. You might want to keep an eye out if you are doing your flight search or hotel bookings. If you don’t know, Traveloka is this new kid on the block in OTAs neighborhood. It’s new in Malaysia, but pretty well known in other Southeast Asian countries. Wicked, huh? Anyways, you can visit their website to find the deals coming. Prepare to lose your wigs when you go flight search there.

When You Travel, You Need These Stuff

  1. The right luggage

Choosing the right luggage is important, once you have decided where you are heading then choose the luggage that suits you. If you are traveling heavy for a longer preiod, then a good sturdy rolling luggage or the four-wheels luggage will work better for you. You can roll with it in ease, but you might get a bumpy road if you are walking on paved roads and sidewalks. If you want to experience adventure from one place to another like backpacking, then a backpack will make your life easier. Remember, choose the right luggage like you do for flight search. A crappy flight will result in a crappy travel experience.

2. Travel Health Kit

The last thing you need is getting sick or injured throughout your traveling period. It is important before you do any flight search for your travel, you make sure your health kit is in great condition and put together with your luggage. Don’t leave it at home and expect you can get it once you are there. It is better to have your basic medications, vitamins, antibiotics, sunscreen, travel insurance (that’s number one) and other health-related stuff ready. When you are done with your flight search and all, you won’t have to revisit your luggage to check whether you have everything or not.

When You Travel, You Need To Ditch These Stuff

  1. Work

You should make this a life motto. No matter how far you are up on the ladder at work but when you are traveling for the holidays, you travel solo. This means that the things associated with work should be kept as far away from you and your flight search as possible. You don’t look up on your flight search while thinking “does this airline provide convenient working space for me to finish some work while on my way there?” NO! Don’t even think about it. It is important not to be the slave of your own work. Life is so precious and it’s not going to give you a heads up when it is done with you. Do you really want the last time you spend the holiday with your loved ones is having you spending time on work? Put a foot down on this. Work belongs at the office, not when you are a thousand miles across the globe having FUN with your family and friends.

2. Extra Baggage

More baggage means extra pounds on the luggage you have with you which equals to the waterfall of money you are going to have to pay up once you are done with your flight search operation. Ditch the unnecessary stuff behind. What kind of stuff? The stuff that you don’t need. The stuff that you are way unlikely to use when you are there. It’s going to be hard to leave those things behind, but it is for the best. Make your flight search process easy by sticking with minimalist philosophy.

With all these tips I hope you have a great traveling experience!

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