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by - April 25, 2018

Good news if you're a ramen lover! I found a new ramen joint located conveniently in SS2 PJ. What makes this ramen joint different from the others? Solomen Cafe uses fresh ingredients and prepares everything from scratch so you will be able to enjoy fresh ramen here, besides making their own ramen, the sauces, broth, fillings and gyoza skin is also homemade.

There are many types of Ramen from light to rich broths and flavours, Solomen cafe has 3 types of broths to choose from Shoyu based, Miso based and my personal favourite Tonkotsu based pair it with their noodles for a perfect bowl of Ramen. The cafe also serves a range of cold pressed juices, speciality ice tea, homemade soda and coffee, along with matcha drinks and ice cream.

The interior of Solemen Cafe was very simply designed, over the nice clean walls there were two pieces of beautiful Japanese Geisha wall art. There were around 12 tables with 2-6 seating capacity since I visited during lunch time the cafe was quite packed but luckily I manage to find myself space.

Match Latte RM10.90

Passion Peach Sparker RM10.90

Gyoza RM11.90
Fried dumplings? Oh yes! The gyoza skin had good consistency, it was thin it was made by the cafe itself, filled with fresh filling, the meat was juicy and properly seasoned.

Tori Karaage RM14.50
I'm a big fan of Japanese Fried Chicken and this is one of the best chicken kaarage I've ever eaten! The chicken karaage was juicy, tasty and yummy with crispy coating it was just so addictive! It came in 3 pieces but the portion was really generous, overall an excellent dish carried out. Must order!

Kimchi Ramen RM19.90
Do you like kimchi? Then this dish is just right for you. The Kimchi Ramen is shoyu based, the broth is lighter, mix the kimchi with the broth for a sweet-savoury-slightly tangy flavour. The bowl comes with springy homemade ramen, char siew, kimchi and the runny eggs.

Tonkotsu Ramen RM20.90
The perfectly good ramen, the creamy broth made from pork bone is velvety and rich, the noodles are firm and chewy. The bowl is topped with fatty pieces of char siew, delicate nori and soft runny eggs. The balance of the flavour was just perfect, the broth was so addictive I finish it up!

Shiogayaki Don RM21.50
Such an unforgettable dish, I was obsessed with it. Fine pieces of tender juicy pork slices glazed with sweet flavorful soy sauce served on rice. to I must say this one was my pick of the day, my personal favourite!

Solomen Cafe is certainly the right choice if you love hearty, well-prepared meal, it was a pleasant meal and I had no complaints about it, they have quite a variety of food, therefore, I am planning to go back and try other versions of Ramen.

Solomen Cafe
16, Jalan SS 2/24, SS 2, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Contact: 016-289 9079
Opening Hours: Tuesday - Sunday 12PM - 10PM

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