TeaAmo | Malaysia 1st Taufa Brown Sugar Bubble Tea

by - June 23, 2019

The bubble tea craze in Malaysia isn't stopping and it is growing rapidly. Recently I found a new spot that serves a really unique topping and that's a real game changer for me, TeaAmo is the 1st in Malaysia that came up with Taufa Brown Sugar Bubble Tea!

TeaAmo is located in the Bubble Tea Street in SS15, Subang Jaya, what makes this tea shop special from the others is their signature drinks such as the Taufa Brown Sugar Series, Mango Boba Series, and Snow Cream Series and you get to customize the sugar level, amount of ice or toppings to your liking. 

This tea shop is not just a takeaway kiosk but it's a cafe with a comfortable sit-down area where you can slowly enjoy your drinks and have a conversation with your friend. To be honest, a cup of bubble tea can cost as much as a cup of Starbucks and most outlets are so busy and packed there's no place to chill so I really appreciate it that TeaAmo has an area for their customers to chill and enjoy. 

What's a bubble tea shop without Boba right? 

TeaAmo handcrafted Boba are freshly-prepared each day using the best quality halal ingredients like tapioca and palm sugar, the boba's are slightly sweet and really satisfying to bite because of the chewy texture that's just right it's not too hard or soft.

Here are some of the interesting drinks I manage to try with my friends during my visit 

Classic Taufa Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea RM7.90(M) RM8.90(L) & Rose Milk Taufa Brown Sugar Pearl RM10.90 is a great choice for those who love milky drinks, the taufa toppings makes the drink really interesting,  I've actually fallen in love with it, you slurp down the taufa and at the same time you'll manage to have some chewy bubbles to chew on.

For those who prefer fruit based drink, give Mango Passion Milk with Mango Boba RM10.90 & Strawberry Milk Mango Boba RM10.90 a try, the Mango Passion is sweet and sour which makes it really refreshing and the Strawberry Milk is sweet and fruity. 

For those who love tea more than anything try out the Earl Grey Snowcream Tea it is the perfect combination of icy smooth milk tea with a heavenly Soft Serve Ice Cream, don't forget to mix it up before drinking it for the perfect drink. 

To keep the customers coming back for more, TeaAmo also has delicious creamy Chocolate Milk Soft Serve Ice Cream & Earl Grey Soft Serve Ice Cream and it's topped with chewy pearls on top of it!!! I highly recommend these for those ice cream lovers like me. 

So what's your favorite? Mine is the sweet and sour Mango Passion Milk with Mango Boba which is really unique and refreshing at the same time. So which one would you try? Let me know in the comments below :) 

TeaAmo Subang Jaya
N0 51, Jalan SS15 /4, Subang Jaya
Opening Hours: Mon - Sat 11am to 1am | Sun 12pm to 1am

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  1. Now this sounds like something that i'll definitely try.. something different and unique.. plus it's in Subang! so gonna drop by.. hehe

  2. belum cuba lagi, semua nampak menarik especially the fruit based drink

  3. Wah i mmg suka bubble tea. Tapi x pernah cuba yang ini. Nanti ingat nak try sekali. Nampak sedap dan banyak pilihan minuman juga. Memang terbaik

  4. wah tengok gambar pun dah tau sedapnya bubble tea ni. i memang suka yang jenis milky tea tu, harga pun not bad, boleh try nanti, tq for sharing

  5. makin banyak jenis kedai minuman macam ni ye. kadang2 minum juga. nice, cuma tak berapa suka pearl tu. kenyal sangat kot.. hehehe

  6. Wowww nampak sedap sedap, buat sis nak terbang kesana. Paling sis teringin nak cuba taufa brown sugar tu..perghh sure sedap

  7. setakat ni, nad baru cuba minum tealive je..yang lain macm ni belum pernah lagi..banyak minuman ni sekrg kan..

  8. Wow nampak delicious lah. I tak pernah try lagi tea amo ni. Siap ada aiskrim nak attract customer datang lagi kan. Bagus lah.

  9. i also loves Tea.. Tapi takpernah lagi minum kat Teaamo Malaysia ni.. Syoknya kalau dapat try Taufa brown sugar bubble tea tu.. mesti sedap kan..

  10. bubble tea sekarang mmg tengah in sangat ya. sana-sini org mencari2 bubble tea dari pelbagai jenama. tak pernah lagid engar bubble tea dri brand ini nanti nak cuba lah

  11. teaamo.. amour. cheeky little name. since everyone is talking about bubble tea i guess teaamo will be doing great in their business

  12. Hey yang ni baru tadi nampak orang post kat media sosial dorang...hopefully the taste tak terlalu manis. :)

  13. Nampak so delicious la jia shin lee.
    I tak pernah la try, tapi nampak macam best je air dia tu. Menggoda betul la..

  14. I love their signature brown sugar boba milk tea with taufufa, its so smooth and not too sweet.