My secret to longer lashes - Cavilla Eyelash Serum

by - November 15, 2020

Hi girls, I know it's been really long since my last update on beauty products, work has been taking up most of my time but I am still a beauty enthusiast who's completely obsessed with everything new and noteworthy in cosmetics, hair, and skincare.

I've fantasized about having long, luscious lashes without my falsies or extensions but unfortunately, I wasn't blessed with that but it's ok, now I know great lashes don't happen by chance it happens by choice.  Before I started growing my own lashes, I either live with falsies which is a cheaper alternative or eyelash extensions which last longer and gives me the effect I want but it's high maintenance, my main focus will be how I grew my eyelash with Cavilla Eyelash Serum but it's you're interested with falsies and eyelash extension I'll write on that as well later on. 

So here's a before and after, take 1 week apart from each other, by the end of my first bottle, I could see improvement, my lashes were thicker and slightly longer and I was ecstatic with the results. I started getting compliments and that made me feel even better for someone who's addicted to eyelash extensions for the longest time so I had something called eyelash dysmorphia, I have forgotten what normal looked like, and without extensions, I lost my confidence and felt weird but in reality, there's nothing wrong with myself #itsallinyourhead

What made me start with Cavilla Eyelash Serum? 

Well it was first introduced by a friend of mine, she's been using it and it's has given her great effect, I was skeptical at first but gave it a try anyway because I've tried a few brands but none of them worked for me but I had another problem since I've been relying on eyelash extension for the longest time, my lashes were weak and there were gaps in between and what made it worse was my stylist told me to take a break because my lashes were not in good condition. 

What is Cavilla Eyelash Serum?

This eye serum stimulates the dormant secondary hair follicle tissues and encourages eyelash growth. The product claims to give us results in just a week and by a month, you will notice 25% longer, 106% fuller, and 18% darker eyelashes. 


Usage is pretty straightforward, just apply it on your lash line twice a day and let the magic happen, it really depends on individuals but I started seeing a difference on my first bottle but a friend of mine had to use two bottles before seeing a significant difference. 

If you're interested with Cavilla Eyelash Serum, do purchase it from a reputable seller, I've seen many shops on Shopee that sells it for a really cheap price, don't fall for that because you do not know what you're applying and you wouldn't want an eye infection at the end of the day. So choose wisely girls, I hoped my review helped, do pop me any question if you need to know more about the product, I'll be more than happy to share :) 

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  1. i've been looking for a good lash serum and this brand seems to be amazing. thanks for sharing this!

  2. Your lashes are beautiful! This is something I think we shud get! So natural!