A Weekend in Janda Baik with Kids

by - September 18, 2020

Cheers to our first cuti-cuti Malaysia trip to Janda Baik. It's been 3 months after MCO and we're currently in the RMCO phased so hubs and I decided to bring the girls out to natural-based places with fewer crowds to enjoy our weekend. 

To be honest, we're dying for a holiday and I'm really glad we're getting a chance to do so, being a paranoid mother I am constantly worried about the safety of my family but here's a principle I hold onto avoid exposing ourselves to the virus & avoid spreading the virus to others. We avoided crowds, choose a nice quiet place, and kick back and relax. 

Janda Baik is just an hour or so from Kuala Lumpur, if you love mother nature this is a great place to be at, it's the perfect spot to keep our hand phones away and soak up the authentic nature of the rainforest and even occasionally spot wild animals like monkeys. Besides, Janda Baik is also a very pleasant trip for young and old, fun is guaranteed for the whole family! 

Where to stay? 

Happi Village was perfect it was just the way I imagined it would be it was the ideal place for a quiet getaway and reconnecting to mother nature, with an infinity outdoor pool, farm to visit and there were plenty of free space for the kids to run around since I booked on a weekday, it felt like I had the entire place to ourselves. 

We took the superior room on the ground floor for RM360 a night, the rooms were clean, large and spacious and it was stripped down to bare basics, minimalism. The queen size bed which fitted us nicely, there's also a sofa bed to relax on and we loved the bathroom although there was a little glitch during our stay, the heater broke down had to make a few complaints before they actually believed us, apparently it takes time to heat up but we tried really long and it just didn't work, after 20 minutes the technician was only requested and the bathtub was filled with glitters I had to clean it thoroughly before I could actually use it, other than these complains our stay was great the only improvement it needs is for the staffs will give us better hospitality. 

Things to do in Janda Baik? 

Growing and living in the city, all we wanted was to relax and take a break. Since we're trying to avoid crowds for the time being, we spent our time at Happi Village. 

There was a waterfall nearby but it was raining season so we were advised not to visit for the time being since the current is a lil strong and it's not suitable for young kids. 

We basically enjoyed the outdoor pool a lot, besides that at Happi Village there's plenty of free space which was great for the kids, I loved that there are two adorable doggies that kept us company, the girls really adored them. 

Where to eat? 


On the first night, we had our dinner in Happi Village itself, they practice farm to table concept which we loved, the food was incredible, fresh food is always the best. I highly recommend you give it a try, reservation is needed because they prepare the ingredients fresh and they don't take last-minute walk-ins. 

It was priced affordably at RM60per pax for a 5 course meal which consists of pumpkin soup, garden salad, roasted potatoes, chicken chop, and chocolate molten cake topped with vanilla ice-cream. YUMS! 

Signature Tofu RM13 & Steamed Eggs RM15
Signature Tofu RM13 & Stir Fried Veggie RM8

Steamed Trio Eggs RM15 & Steamed Patin RM70

Another place that's worth your time is Fantasy Valley Restaurant, the restaurant is approximately a 15mins drive from Happi Village, you'll get delicious food at an affordable price and we loved how it was right beside the stream, hubs brought the girls over and had a lil bit of fun while waiting for our food to be served. There's a large fish ponds, birds, chicken and goose nearby the toilet, the kids can enjoy a visit there too. 

Overall, it was a really pleasant trip up at Janda Baik and I can't wait to visit again. 

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  1. It's looks cozy 😍 Thanks for sharing!

  2. Nice spot, became my wish list, soon after pandemic will go there, thanks for share