Get Your Korean Food Fix With Marrybrown Ganjeong Chicken

by - April 12, 2021


Marrybrown brings you Korean-inspired food on the menu, the all-new Korean Gangjeong Chicken is a combination of sweet and spicy that's packed with a punch of flavors. 

With 40 years of constantly innovating and introducing something different, this year Marrybrown goes the extra mile by bringing Malaysians Around the World to serve nothing but the best of the best delicacies catering to local taste buds.

There's a choice of Gangjeong Chicken Combo priced from RM17.90, Gangjeong Burger Combo RM15.90 & Gangjeong Rice Bowl Combo RM11.90, all combos include crispy Potato Wedges and a cup of Coca-Cola to quench their thirst.

For those who want the option to indulge in both Gangjeong Chicken and Gangjeong Burger with their family and friends, Gangjeong Box is the way to go as it included both the Gangjeong Burger and two pieces of Gangjeong Chicken, which also comes with a cup of Coca-Cola and Potato Wedges, priced from RM 25.80. 

My favorite has to be the Gangjeong Burger which comes with a large juicy chicken patty, laid on top lettuce and cheese, and glazed with the mouth-watering sweet & spicy sauce. The combination is then served between a charcoal bun to elevate the taste.

The new offerings are available at all Marrybrown's outlets in Malaysia, if you're wondering what you should have for a meal tomorrow, you know where to go :)  

For more information on Marrybrown, its promotions, and delivery services, please visit:

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