My Daughter was diagnosed with Juvenile Polyposis Syndrome (JPS)

by - May 31, 2021

My baby girl Mina was recently hospitalized and I hope this story will be able to help other mummies & daddies out there. 

When Mina was 2 years old, she noticed some bleeding in her stool, the symptoms come and go, we've asked our family doctor as well as her pediatrician, the first suspect was her milk powder, we've changed a number of them, as we thought the blood came from her buttock, whenever her stool was hard it might be painful when she pass motion, it took us a while but at the end, we settled for soy-based milk powder which gave her nice stool and the blood in her stool stopped.  

So we thought the problem solved, unfortunately not, she complained that she's having a tummy ache recently but since she did not pass motion, we thought it was just constipation, as usual, more water & fiber should do the trick, we didn't bring her to a doctor, last Tuesday we've received a call from our nanny stating an emergency, hubs rushed over as quickly as he could because he could hear Mina screaming, a photo was sent to me shortly and I rushed home, packed my bags, and went to Sunway Medical Center immediately. 

Ps// As much as I wish to support the government hospital I knew that the line will take ages, the last round Mina has a high fever for days, we went to UM emergency waited for 2 hours, still not our turn yet and we had to go to a private hosp in the end because she was throwing a tantrum by then so yeah, private it is. 

First, I thought that "piece of thing" that was hanging out her buttock was hemorrhoid but I tried searching but couldn't find anything related to kids, but my mother instinct told me, this has to be removed, it was hard and bleeding, there's no way they can push it back. So I search for the pediatric surgeon, went straight to his clinic, and got Mina checked. 

*A mistake I made, next time when your kid is bleeding, go to the A&E, Dr. Yik told me I shouldn't have waited for him at his clinic because it was considered an emergency.

Anyway, after her checkup, Dr. Yik suspected that Mina has Juvenile polyposis syndrome (JPS) but we'll need to have the specimen checked before we jump to any conclusion, during his consultation, he searched for our family history, which reminded me of my dad's medical history because JPS is a hereditary condition identified by the presence of multiple polyps (abnormal growths or tumors) in the gastrointestinal area. 

Surgery was needed to remove it because the polyp was huge, 3cm to be exact and it's bleeding and we'll need to stop the bleeding. How the polyp popped out of her bum bum because it got too heavy, just like durians, they grow and once it's too heavy, it'll fall. 

The surgery was set later on that night at 9pm due to covid, only one parent was allowed to accompany her and both Mina & I had to undergo covid test and be quarantined in the room until our results were out. Kudos to Sunway Medical, results were out really quickly and soon we regain our freedom. 

Mina was well taken care of under the hand of Dr. Yik Yee Ian, he promised me the surgery would not take more than 30mins and he kept his words, it felt so long while I was waiting, beign a medical representative, going into OT was not something new to me but for the first time I was waiting out side and I was so worried, especially when the anesthetist explained to me the risk of putting a child under general anesthesia, 1 in 5000 kids that might have a complication. Dr. Tan her anesthetist was great as well, although our surgery ended at 11pm he came and checked on her at 5am to make sure everything went well. 

Mina was well taken care of, the surgery went well, when Mina was able to pass motion properly on the 4th day, Dr Yik allowed us to discharge, she did complain there was discomfort at her buttock but everything was back to normal. We were set to come back again 1 a week time for a follow-up. 

I did some digging on polyps and here are some facts, 

Polyps in the colon are the most common, but it’s also possible to develop polyps in places like ear canal, cervix, stomach, nose, uterus, and even your throat.

Below are some common polyps symptoms so in case you face any of these, please get them checked if you do have a family history. 

Source from

During our follow-up consultation, we were advised to do a scope for Mina. It's been a month since her discharge, there's no relapse of bleeding in stool, thank god! We are also constantly checking if there's blood in her stool, making sure she's getting enough water & fiber so she doesn't have constipation and we are set to send her for a full body checkup to make sure there are no more growing polyps inside her. 

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