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by - July 16, 2021

Prevention is better than cure, with the current pandemic happening it has caught my attention that having a few handy health monitoring tools to be kept at home can be useful in monitoring the health of our loved ones because early detection of diseases can reduce suffering and medical costs. The diagnosis and prompt treatment of various diseases can radically improve alternatives for the medical treatment of the patient.

Here are 3 health monitoring devices to be kept at home for healthy living, from respiratory health to heart health and blood glucose tracking, home health monitors can provide insight into many bodily functions without needles, appointments, and invasive procedures. All you need is to take control of your health by having a range of reliable health devices series at home so that you could conduct and monitor your daily body health at your own convenience, and Medisana medical gadgets are able to help keep a check on your vital parameters.

Medisana is one of the leading specialists in the home healthcare market. For over 39 years, Medisana devices are backed up by German technology, it's been approved by the MDA (Medical Device Authority) Malaysia & European Commission (EC) Quality Certified to give consumers ease of mind.

Pulse Oximeter 

A small piece of equipment that clips onto a person’s finger, a pulse oximeter helps in detecting blood oxygen level. In particular, if you have someone having respiratory issues, the device can be of great help. The normal blood oxygen saturation level for someone who is healthy will be around 95–100%

According to World Health Organization (WHO) Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) Situation Report-41, “Oxygen therapy is the major treatment intervention for patients with severe COVID-19. All countries should work to optimize the availability of pulse oximeters and medical oxygen systems”.

Blood Pressure Meter

According to a report done by the Department of Statistics Malaysia, Ministry of Health, Ischemic Heart Diseases (coronary heart disease) is the No.1 cause of death in Malaysia in 2019. Diabetes, Hypertension, and High Cholesterol level are the major Non-Communicative Diseases (NCDs) in Malaysia.

Especially in this pandemic era, stress and an inactive lifestyle have become one of the major factors for hypertension. Thus, having this medical device at home is a wise investment to detect high blood pressure earlier.


Given the flu season and ongoing pandemic, having a thermometer at home is an essential medical tool. Our temperature reading changes based on where on our body we measure it. We could seek medical advice in the earlier stage if there are abnormal symptoms associated with fever or hypothermia (low body temperature).

Regular health checks are the key to maintaining a healthy life. Keeping health monitoring equipment at home helps in managing chronic conditions and may save a life in the hour of need. In this global pandemic and its uncertainties, health should remain as a priority. 

In conjunction with the ‘Health Monitoring Begins from Home’ campaign, Medisana is organizing an online giveaway contest be sure to participate, you'll be able to bring home COVID CARE TRIO containing 1x Pulse Oximeter, 1x Non-Contact Thermometer, and 1x BU535 BP Meter each month. 

The contest starts on 15th July to 14th August, 15th August to 14th September & 15th September to 14th October. 

For more information, please visit Medisana Malaysia Official Facebook Page at

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