Senza Hybrid Airfryer Oven with Free Recipe Book by Chef Yuki

by - January 13, 2022

When it comes to choosing the right kitchen appliances it is always a challenge but what if there's 2 in 1 appliances that'll help ease your cooking. Let me introduce you to Senza Hybrid Airfryer Oven. 

Senza Hybrid Airfryer Oven is a homegrown Malaysian brand that successfully sold 3000 units in 3 months since their launch of the product, their success is all because of their attentive customer service with 16hours/7days WhatsApp customer service, weekly Live Cooking Show, free recipes, and Senza Cooking Club. 

What is so great about the Senza Hybrid Airfryer Oven? Actually, there are LOTS of things that are great! 

  • Large Capacity, you can choose between 30L or 48L which makes perfect meals for families.
  • It can be used for Air frying & Baking. Now you can prepare a whole range of food easily like cakes, pizzas, cookies at the same time use it for dishes like fried chicken, roasted chicken, siew york, and many more. 
  • Free Recipe Book by Chef Yuki with 10 years experience all recipes develop are customised for Senza Airfryer Oven. 
  • 2 years warranty 

As promised here is the recipe book from Chef Yuki, it consist of 14 recipes from local classical favorites to western delights as well as desserts.  

For those who are interested with Senza Hybrid Airfryer Oven as a kitchen companion you can get it from


Shopee official store: 

Lazada official store:

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