Get-Set, Glow with Nutox Renewing Treatment Range

by - May 23, 2022

Are you ready girls?
Let's glow with Nutox’s Renewing Treatment range!

Ever wondered how your K-pop idols get that healthy glow from within? Well Nutox is here to help you with that, Nutox recently kicked off with their K-pop inspired campaign to help young Malaysians unlock the secret to hydrated, glowing skin with their NUTOX Renewing Treatment range.

The two stars of the Nutox Renewing Treatment Range are the NUTOX Renewing Treatment Moisturising Essence and Ampoule which are highlighted in their K-pop inspired music video named Get-Set, Glow. It’s available to enjoy on all of Nutox’s social media platforms. Since the pandemic, a large skincare trend has begun to take place, mainly because now everyone had to stay home. Jasper Lim, Executive Director at Tohtonku, shared that the Korean wave has influenced millennials and Gen Z. He noted that many had begun new habits, mainly fuss-free skincare routines at home that give them instant results. The glass skin trend in Korea is also too over, where hydrated, glowy skin was preferred over mattified skin. By combining these factors, Nutox formulated their new range- NUTOX Renewing Treatment, which is perfect for the modern working woman, students, and on-the-go hustlers. Used in tandem with each other, it will create the perfect recipe for instant glowing skin.

Nutox’s Renewing Treatment has been intricately formulated to help boost hydration and radiance to give you that long lasting glowing skin. Its Moisturising Essence and Ampoule are both packed with powerful ingredients like Actistem Gold Nest (Bird’s Nest Collagen), Caviar Lime (AHA), Betaine, and Niacinamide, all proven to improve skin texture and to help boost moisture as well as promote skin renewal. The Renewing Treatment range is also made with technology targeted to exfoliate gently and rescue deteriorated skin to help brighten one’s complexion.

The Renewing Treatment Moisturising Essence is formulated with moisture-packed molecules that penetrate quickly and deeply into the skin to help provide instant and long-lasting hydration for up to 72 hours and the Renewing Treatment Ampoule helps to enhance this effect by boosting the absorption of the active ingredients. All together it restores a natural and youthful glow, giving users radiant skin with one application.

NUTOX Renewing Treatment Moisturising Essence retails at RM79.90 and NUTOX Renewing Treatment Ampoule which retails at RM88.90 is available alongside the full NUTOX Renewing Treatment range at Shopee, Lazada, and in-store at Watsons, Guardian, and AEON Wellness. ABOUT NUTOX® Nutox has been on a journey to redefine beauty since 2006. As the pioneer in bird’s nest skincare in Malaysia, the benefits of bird’s nest can be found in all of Nutox’s range of skincare products. Nutox offers a cohesive anti-ageing skincare solution catering to every skin needs that have been tested with proven effective results. Now every woman can unveil their youthful and flawless complexion, regardless of physical age. Stay Young, At Any Age with Nutox.

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