Tasneem collaborates with Tanamera, Pustaka Darul Iman, Eyyoo and Aqiqah Center in a new business platform -Tasneem Marketplace

by - August 20, 2022

Tasneem Business Legacy, is a company that carries the brands Tasneem Naturel, Tasneem Food, and Twobirds which are pioneers in the baby products industry. They offer products that are made based on natural ingredients. Recently Tasneem announced a new joint venture with several major Malaysian brands such as Tanamera, Aqiqah Centre, Pustaka Darul Iman (PDI), and Eyyoo through a merger in a new platform called Tasneem Marketplace.

This joint venture was made in an effort to help people with moderate incomes to generate extra income, especially during times when the cost of living has spiked, they can start without the need for capital, in return receive an opportunity to get high profits as well as other attractive rewards for selling reputable products that are made in Malaysia which are never compromised on quality and safety standard to parents.

In line with the objective to help housewives generate income easily and conveniently, Tasneem Marketplace welcomes individuals who are interested to move forward with the TMP team, registering as a TMP reseller is free and you'll be able to learn strategies from the team. The TMP set a target to train and build 10,000 entrepreneurs who will successfully generate income through the platform by December 2022 this year and is expected to see and hear more of them moving forward in the year 2023.

Getting started on Tasneem Marketplace is a great way to make some easy money, register now for free and enjoy a minimum 3% cashback on Tasneem Marketplace! Ladies don’t miss out on the chance to innovate sales!


Here are the EXCLUSIVE BENEFITS of Tasneem Marketplace

👍FREE Sign Up & Listing

👍Zero Captial Start-Up 

👍3% Cashback


👍Direct Shipping from HQ

👍FREE Training & Marketing Support

All you need is an internet connection and you can start your business anywhere and time of the day and start earning extra income!

To learn more about Tasneem Marketplace check out

Website: https://tasneemmarketplace.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tasneemmarketplace


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