Enjoy A Devine Shower with Parrot Botanicals Bath Products

by - November 11, 2022

Choosing a great-smelling body product makes it feel like you've started your day with a spa-like experience, I'm so glad to try out Thailand's most popular bath product - Parrot Botanicals, it's Thailand's most popular bath product that's been awarded by Thailand’s Ministry of Industry as a Premium Product of Thailand Award in the Beauty and Personal Care Category. 

The Parrot Botanical Bath Products are infused with authentic Thai botanicals with Traditional Herb Oil, making you feel like you've teleported to Thailand with every wash and it can be used by the whole family. They come in a large variety of fragrances and types depending on your preference. 

Parrot Botanicals Soap Bars

Parrot Botanicals Soap Bars come with the classic series which contains one of their best sellers, Thai Botanicals & Herbs. It has quite a unique fragrance that is somewhat nostalgic to me. It includes clove and citronella oil so it’s great for those who like citrusy and spicy scents.

If you’re more into floral scents they do have Sweet Pink Rose which contains rose and aloe vera for that extra moisturizing effect. Thai White Jasmine consists of pure Thai Jasmine and tamarind extract whereas Frangipani is a blend of frangipani, mangosteen and clove leaf oil for an anti-bacterial effect and Floral is a blend of sweet blossoms and has cucumber extract to help with moisturizing your skin and eucalyptus oil for its anti-bacterial properties.

A woody scent is also available! Scented Wood has a blend of scented woods and 4 anti-bacterial oils that help fight against body odor and acne; clove leaf oil, patchouli oil, Lemon oil, and eucalyptus oil. 

While the classic series is great, my favorite goes to the pastel series. Maybe because it is targeted toward us ladies. The pastel series has 3 lovely scents; White Sakura, Lily Peach and Thanaka. White Sakura has a gentle and light fragrance and is infused with ingredients to brighten up your skin and give it a healthy natural glow. 

Lily Peach is fruity and floral and it is a delicate scent. Thanaka is a refreshing scent with White Thanaka as the main ingredient, it helps brighten up your skin and has a long-lasting fragrance.

Parrot Botanicals Shower Cream

Okay, maybe you don’t like bar soaps but you like the scents, don’t worry Parrot has you covered! Introducing Parrot Botanicals Shower Cream with its signature floral scents. Much like the bar soaps, it has the classic series and the pastel series. Yup, you guess it right they do have the same scents! 

For the classic series, we have: 

  • Sweet Pink Rose
    Infused with the elegant scent of the lovely Bulgarian Rose and aloe vera to help moisturize your skin.

  • Thai Botanical & Herbs
    A combination of Thai botanicals and herbs will help refresh you in both the mornings and evenings.

  • Thai White Jasmine.
    Pamper yourself with the pure fragrance of Jasmine infused with orange and tamarind extract. Thai White Jasmine leaves your skin softer and scented for the whole day.

The pastel series consists of 

  • White Sakura
    The soft refreshing fragrance of White Sakura is infused with nourishing properties for brighter and pinkish-looking skin with a long-lasting fragrance.

  • Lily Peach Cool
    Let the sweet aromatic scent of blooming lilies and peaches energize you and cool you down with the cooking touch of Crystal Cooling Technology.

  • White Thanaka.
    A refreshing scent of White Thanaka will soothe your skin and give it a radiant glow.

If scents play an important part in each wash Parrot Botanicals soaps will be your perfect choice, it gives you a long-lasting fragrance that leaves you smelling like you just came out of the shower for up to 8 hours. Besides smelling amazing, these body products still manage to clean well!

Currently, Parrot Botanicals is available in all hypermarkets, supermarkets, convenience stores, mini markets, and of course you can get it online on Shopee https://shp.ee/2ydgcjj as well and have it delivered to your doorstep!

For more information about Parrot Botanicals visit their social media pages below 

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