Boost Your Sales and Build Brand Loyalty with Yippi Biz by TOGL

by - April 25, 2023


Are you looking for ways to increase sales and generate more revenue for your business?  Let me introduce you to the all-new business model Yippi Biz by TOGL that's targeted to help SME businesses boost sales through online advertising and loyalty programs. Yippi has continued to grow emerging and expending into new markets, including the SEA region in 2023 and China in 2024. 

If you find it difficult to keep track of all the touchpoints with your customers it's mostly like there's no proper CRM strategy, continue reading because Yippi Biz will solve your problems easily.

What are the benefits of Yippi Biz?

Yippi Biz includes an advanced CRM system that allows businesses to track their customer data, you'll be able to engage with customers through targeted advertising and improve customer retention through personalized offers and promotions. Users will be rewarded with YippsPoints for their repeat business, a strong CRM strategy like this for your business with helps you build long-term customer relationships and drive sales growth.  

An important element in the rewards program is the ability for businesses to place targeted ads within the Yippi app, allowing them to reach new customers and increase brand awareness. These ads are highly customizable, ensuring that businesses can tailor their message to their target audience for maximum impact. 

What is Yippi’s E-Rewards program?

Users can now earn Yipps Points whenever they consume with a Yippi Biz merchant partner. The e-rebate rewards points (Yipps Points) are instant, so users can redeem with the collaborating partners that include RedBox, Park 28 Boutique Dining, Freestore, Bottomless, etc. 

Apart from that, users can also spend the reward points with Yippi partners such as Topzmall E-commerce platform and Togago to book travel tickets/hotels, this is an added incentive for customers to choose local SMEs and help businesses to build brand loyalty.  

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Yippi is leading 6 million users today, the social networking app has become an integral part of many people's lives worldwide, especially young people and those with spending power. These users are the primary customer base for Yippi Biz, helping merchants reach new customers. Yippi is excited to be able to offer its platform with such amazing tools to help local SMEs thrive in today's increasingly competitive online marketplace.

In fact, why not leverage on Yippi Biz rewards program to improve your customer engagements, drive sales growth and ultimately build a stronger and more successful business. These little incentives could be just what you need to boost your business.

As Yippi continue to expand into new markets, they remain committed to helping businesses succeed by providing the necessary tools that will help them thrive in the online world. 

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About Yippi

Yippi is a social and communication application developed by TOGL Technology Sdn Bhd. Yippi is a SuperApp that provides e-rewards for users to earn and redeem Yipps points. Yipps have an array of purposes, including paying utility and mobile bills, point redemption, and also used in F&B, online shopping, traveling, entertainment, beauty, and healthcare.  

Overall, Yippi is a platform that allows users to share their lives, express their ideas, purchase goods, book travel, and earn reward points to cover their daily expenses. These features are designed to enhance the user experience and meet their daily needs in just one app. 

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IG: @yippiofficial

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