How to Style Your Sports Tops and Shorts for Summer

by - July 04, 2023

Summer is a great season to update your activewear wardrobe and also to make sure that your amazing body gets praised by not only the clothes you wear but also by the activewear you also wear to keep it as amazing as it is.

Premium Seamless Crossover Short

It is also the time to try new things and new colors, to actually be bolder with what you wear. If you want to get really great activewear sets and different pieces, then Cosmolle will be a great choice to look for your favorites, especially for shorts and tops, during the summer.

Cosmolle is a brand that is always looking to empower women not only to feel their best with what they are wearing, especially with their intimate range as well as with their activewear but also to look their best.

They are a brand that is also inclusive, eco-friendly, body positive, and also sustainable, and its activewear pieces, like their best biker shorts for women, are made with the highest quality, being also very durable and comfortable.

They will also give back to the community and the workers that make their products and believe in fair trade, which is something very important nowadays. As of now brands really need to show their customers that they don’t only care about them and the environment and planet but as they also care about the people they work with.

And as it was mentioned before, they have a big range of activewear for you to choose from. They have some great short options and they also have a big variety of tops to choose from.

Some of these options are seamless and will provide extra comfort and no visible lines or discomfort and some will even enhance your butt curves and even make your butt area look amazing and very rounded.

When it comes to shorts, you can find seamless crossover shorts, biker shorts with pockets, and normal high-waisted biker shorts, and you will be able to find them in around 6 colors, depending on the style.

And when it comes to tops, the list is even bigger. There are long-sleeve shrug tops, short and long-sleeve knot tops, a seamless V-neck crop top, as well as mesh long and short-sleeve crop tops. There are a few different types of sports bras, some are seamless too.

Move Free Bike Short with Pockets

There are also seamless high-neck tank tops as well as square neck bras, seamless zip-up tops, and long-sleeve crop tops.

Some of these are part of some special collections so they will go perfectly with each other. But you can always have fun and mix and match them all to put up an amazing activewear outfit.

Mixing and matching them can not only be a matter of the styles they offer but also of the color options they have. Nice black shorts can always be paired with a neon pink tank top or a gray one. Is up to you and also up to your preferences and unique style.

Move Free Knot Long Sleeve Top

When choosing the right bra, always remember that besides getting comfort, you need to get support, so make sure that the option you choose provides that. Nobody really wants to be working out and feeling like their boobs are all over the place.

Don’t forget to have those things into consideration, when you are choosing your favorite pieces. Comfort and support are key, especially for hard workouts, but it is also important to consider the properties of the materials the pieces are made of, like breathability and them being moisture-wicking, as they will keep you cool and dry during hot summer days.

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