Gateaway in Penang

by - March 11, 2015


Reached my 2nd trimester this Chinese New Year *hooray!!!*  Bump is getting bigger day by day which means I don't have much choices left in my wardrobe but thank god for HnM stretchable jersey dress still fits me up to today.

2nd trimester is treating me well except that I get water retention from time to time but I've found a great way to solve that problem, by boiling red bean water and drinking it in the morning helps a lot. Reduces my swelling on the face and feet. I can't afford to have swelling feet because I'm already a size 41, it's gonna be really difficult to find me a pair of comfy shoes in msia if I swell because it's already difficult to find a good pair of size 41 #bigfootproblems

Mum was very nice she gave me a treat in Eastern & Oriental Hotel, Penang. Xie xie ni mama <3 It's a small gateway, we are left with 3 months before the princess arrives and we foresee that there won't be anymore holidays for me until next year.

Which reminds me I've got to plan for a wedding in December 2015, not sure how it's gonna workout, perhaps hubs is being too ambitious. I'm not sure how to loose weight in just a few months time with a baby and work. Bless me please. 

Anyway here's the picture of my studio suites in Victory Annexe, E & O.

The lovely bathroom with checkered marbles, twin vanities and a great bathtub which is not to be missed. I had a rose aromatherapy bath in it which was refreshing and relaxing, felt so good after the soak, bathtubs are in my wishlist now!!!!

And the seaview right outside my balcony, which was my hubs favorite. He has a thing for nature ie hills and sea and beaches. Maybe it's because he's the lao ren jia :D

Teatime by the pool before I went in for a dip. I don't swim but I heard that walking in the pool is good for the baby as well so why not right?

Our first family photos, me you and the bump.

And a photo with mumzilla <3

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