Preparing for my newborn

by - March 08, 2015

This is my first pregnancy, of course right what am I talking about? I'm really excited for the arrival of my princess. Although many has shared their story with me, asking me not to stress but to be honest I'm not stress, I am waiting anxiously :P

Here's a confession, I am a shopaholic but since I'm pregnant, I'm not in the mood to shop for myself because I've gonna be positive and tell myself I will work hard to lose weight and I'll have my pre-pregnancy body back! Macam yes right? In the mean time, I've channeled my energy into shopping preparing for the baby, so nice right having a wife like me? Hassle free, I just buy and hubs will carry the items for me then fix it if it needs to be set up :)

3 months and I've got quite a few more to prepare but fret not I'm aiming for the Maternity and Children fair in Mid Valley by 27th March, I've went to the one in Mom and Baby Expo in Shah Alam which was a great disappointment, how can the items be more expensive than the online shops that are well known for selling baby items? The participants are not the distributors themselves. Next time do check the participants of the fair before visiting otherwise it'll be a waste of your time :/

Anyway here's my shopping list

For baby:-
Baby cot
Mattress for cot - Bumble Bee Mattress 
Baby pillow - clevemama to prevent flat head 
Bamboo Fiber Blanket
Mosquito net & stand
Changing Top
Changing Mat
Baby Napkin - 10pcs
Diapers - Mammypoko & Drypers
Mittens & socks - 2 sets
Handkerchief - 8 pieces 
Baby jumpsuit
Long & short sleeve shirts 
Long & short pants 
Feeding bottles - 4 bottles 
Pacifiers & pacifier keeper
Bottle cleanser & detergent
Bottle brush
Wet wipes/tissue
Nappy rash cream
Sterilizer and warmer
Baby shower gel & shampoo
Bath towel & mat
Baby powder
Baby clothes detergent
Baby bath tub
Cotton buds
Baby lotion
Baby nail clipper
Baby stroller
Baby car seat - Combi Coccoro 
Hot water flask
Milk powder container
Nursery bag
Formula milk (just in case)
Breast pump
Disposable Breast Pads - 3 boxes

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