Mummy Diary - Miya's First Birthday

by - July 01, 2016


June is my favourite month because it'll be the first birthday I'm spending with my daughter. I'm really blessed to have my baby's birthday just a few days apart from mine.

Ive always love pastels and unicorns so I've made this my theme. I guess when Miy grows up she'll be choosing her own and people will be forgetting mine lol so for the meantime I'll just do what I love lah!

Here's the list of my vendors and where I got my items from. To be honest everything was really good and I did it within my budget which was less than 1k. Yup I'm the kind of cheapskate lol and I'm definitely not paying for a few k for a birthday celebration 😂

Balloons - @looneybloons
Cakes - @redbakes
Cake pop - @ribbon_bunny_my
Cookies - @ilaniyaccob
Backdrop and Floral Letter M by me 😬
Food - cater from Puchong

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