Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) Infection

by - July 13, 2016

Dear all I would like to share my experience, I hope my story will help warn mummies out there.

My daughter had cough and phlegm during the raya holidays. Since all clinics are close except for one in puchong boulevard which leave us no choice. After 4 days of visiting the clinic her condition got worse and she started having mild fever so Dr Ting at Puchong Boulevard suggested we check her in Colombia Asia Puchong because he is the visiting consultant he wants to make sure things are fine.

Seriously I don't know what made me listen to him, maybe it's the first time Miya's been sick for so long and she's having fever and I panicked! I should have gone to Hospital Putrajaya or UMMC instead but I nod my head and agreed and I regret it so much!!

Upon arriving we were sent to the radiology department for a xray scan, blood test etc. Reports came in the next morning, everything was good except she caught a Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV). He describe it as life threatening while made us afraid. I'm afraid google wasn't my best friend at that moment because I've read many different inputs. I followed his advice.

She was nebulise 6 times a day, two different types. On the 3rd day she seem better and I requested for her to be monitored at home  but he refuse to discharge her saying that she needs to stay in and monitor her condition but staying at the hospital is a bad experience, nurses in Colombia Asia Puchong is just plain lazy. Even after ringing the bell they would just ignore us. In the meantime we were disturbed by the admins, cleaners coming in constantly asking questions so there was no rest at all. So I had to deal with a sulking child and I had no chance to shower at all.

On the 4th day I insisted on discharging, obviously the dr was not happy, he did not agree in the morning but when he came in at night I demanded to be release immediately.

4 days 4 night of hospitalization cost us RM6000, with 2 visit from Dr T daily for less than 10mins for once in the morning and once mid night, mid night charges was also applied. Every time he came in I asked for more details, he didn't seem to be bothered to explain further he'll always give me the nod and say she needs to be monitored. Thanks for calming me down!

Upon discharge I was given a lot of medication, he asked us to go back to his clinic for nebuliser 2 times a day because phlegm is not cleared. Mother instinct tells me otherwise. She's not coughing anymore it doesn't make sense.

The holidays were over and I decided to Visit Dr Florence, showed her our report, got her to check. My daughter is fine, there's not congestion that requires nebuliser. The virus caught can be fought on her own without antibiotics upon hearing this I felt bad, I should have listen to my instinct and fought for it. My peads also told me to stop those medication because it's not suitable for babies below 2years old.

These unethical doctors are a disgrace to their title they do not deserve it! All they want is money and they are the reason why our insurance premium are going up.

I know there's nothing much I can do, I can only share and warn others hopefully no one falls for this nasty doctor trap anymore!


Miya has been having nightmares for a week now. We are not sure if this is the side effect of the medication or she's still sulking but this is just the worst experience I've had. I hope all mummies there will not fall for my same mistake hurts me badly to see her go through the pain.

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