A Weekend in Colmar Tropicale, Bukit Tinggi Pahang

by - September 20, 2016

Did an impromptu trip to Bukit Tinggi this weekend, it has been really hot in KL lately so we wanted to get some fresh air, stay close to mother nature and enjoy ourselves.

Bukit Tinggi is not far from KL, it's only 60 minutes from KL and the weather is slightly cooler which is great because we are trying to beat the heat in KL but that being said do bring a jacket just in case if the weather gets too chilly especially when I have a child with me. The entrance fee to Colmar Tropicale is RM15 for adults and RM8 for kids age 4-12. The entrance ticket includes passes to Japanese Village and Botanical Garden as well, unfortunately, we did not visit the gardens because we were only there for a day and we did not have the time but I heard that it was worth a visit so I'll definitely be back again. The Colmar is a beautiful French-themed resort which reminds me of medieval times.

Upon entering the castle, we manage to catch one of the magic shows that was ongoing and there were clowns around the square giving out free balloons, Miya got hers but destroyed it within a minute lol did the tourist thing and started capturing pictures whenever we got a chance :P


There aren't many choices for dining inside the Colmar, we had lunch at Le Blason, they serve a variety of pizzas and pasta, nothing too fancy but just enough to feed us. It was way overpriced but they are the only restaurants available. If you'll like something better it's good to make a stop at Janda Balik.

There's a lake right below the castle where you'll find the beautiful black and white swans. We left for the rabbit farm which is a 5-minute drive away.

The rabbit farm was really suitable for Miya and it was the reason why I came up, Miya loves animals and being able to see them up close made her smile. A small fee of RM3 will be collected before entering, the place is well managed, it was small but clean.

Miya had a great time seeing donkeys, rabbits, deer, and peacocks. There's a playground for older kids to enjoy. 

Looking at how my little girl smiled the entire day made this trip worthy. Time spent with my daughter is always precious to me. 

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