Mummy Diaries - How I got my child to eat

by - October 23, 2016

Miya was brought up by her nanny, as much as I wanted to make vegetables/fruit puree for her it was quite difficult to change a mindset of a traditional person. She grew up eating congee/porridge. Then slowly she added vegetables and then meat.

I find it challenging to cook for babies, she never liked my food and I've been crowned the worst chef ever. She has never finish anything I cook for her, I've taken recipes from my nanny and the replicate of what I made was always thrown into a bin.

I was giving up until I decided not to make porridge this week so I made my favorite ABC Chicken Soup. Little did I know, she accepted the taste of it. I was shocked!

Finally something I've made that she likes and the recipe was simple. I only need half a chicken, I use kampung chicken, corns, carrot, potatoes, red and yellow onions. I made mee suah aka noodles made of wheat flour.

For the first time, she sat and eat her entire meal without me chasing her around and begging her to eat. Yeah I am that desperate at time :/

I've also packed the chicken soup in containers and freeze them. It's really convenient for me to cook with these yummy soup, I've tried making porridge with it and she loves it.

Now I know simple is gold!

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