Our new project - Miya Mika

by - November 05, 2016

Ricky and I just started on a new project - Miya Mika.
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/miyamika.my
Instagram - https://instagram.com/miya.mika

Actually it all started because we wanted a pair of comfortable shoes for our daughter then we found this factory who caters really good shoes and it gave us the idea to start our business.

The motto is easy comfortable and safe footwear for your little ones.

Why do we say that?

☑️Grip - Lightweight, durable, non-slip soles of A-grade rubber provides grip.
☑️Side reinforcement - Gives the shoes shape and protects baby’s feet.
☑️Comfort - Padded sponge lining for extra comfort & protection.
☑️Room to grow – Gives baby’s feet room to expand and allow freedom of movement.
☑️Ease of wear - Upper and lining made from child-friendly cotton.

Here's our first bazaar at Subang Parade on the first week of November 2016, I was surprised with the feedback on the first day itself. Now I'm more confident with the choices I've made.

We cater for babies to 3 years old. The baby shoes are really really cute! So feel free to check out our designs on fb/instagram.

[wpvideo Qa3Weeg2]
Here's a cute incident I need to write down :)

As we were working today, she saw this grey top that I was selling, I have another brand which is Minimeemy and she insist that I put it on for her. After a few tug of war I decided give in she had a hard time selling a few pairs of her favorite shoes already.

This is how she looked like after putting it on 😅

This little girl is growing up so quick. She's choosing what she wants to wear now. Seriously I didn't know kids will make such decisions.

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