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by - April 07, 2017

As a full time working mom with a hectic schedule I am always looking forward to weekends so I get to spend time with Miya. I have also asked myself what are the activities we could enjoy during the weekends other than watching television. This is when I decided I should send her to a playschool/gym during weekends just for us to have fun.

There are questions being asked by family and friends? Isn't Miya too young? She's turning 2 in June, I believe this is a good way for her to have fun, build up her self-confidence, social skills, and physical fitness. Besides that this will prepare her for preschool in the future.

Last Saturday, I was invited to the official launch of The Parenthood Wellness Center. Thank you Mummy Jane for having me and Miya.

The Parenthood Wellness is located in Sunway Pyramid, it is a upcoming wellness center that caters for your kids and parents. This is like a dream come true for me, I'll be able to enjoy myself at a adult gym, WiO – Power Plate Hub while my daughter can have fun in Zac & Zibbo – Kids Gym. The conceptual wellness center ensures that your entire family gets the chance to maintain a healthy lifestyle under one roof.

The Parenthood Wellness caters for ages 18 months to 12 years old with gymnastics and circuit training as the core of the program. The gymnastics programs are grouped by age, Mighty Midgets is a parent and child programs suitable for 18months to 3 years old, Jumping Jellybeans for 3 years old and Flippers and Flyers for 4 to 5 years old. For older kids, Super Jacks and Kick Boxing is available for 6 to 12 years old. Their goal is to motivate kids to be active while having fun, providing a safe and healthy environment.

Zac & Zibbo Kids Gym offers a monthly plan for RM270, for 4 classes or 3 months plan for RM750, for 12 classes. If you are interested with their trial classes do ring them up at 016-2968983 and make an appointment.

As for adult fitness, there is WiO (Work It Out). The program uses the Power Plate machines which uses the principle of Acceleration Training that allows stimulation of the body’s natural response to vibration. The benefits of the vibration ranges from providing accelerated muscle strength, toning effect, increase in endurance and flexibility and the enhancement of overall performance in sessions as short as 45 minutes.

WiO offers a 12+1 session for RM1300 valid for 6 months , 24+2 sessions for RM2290 valid for 12 months, 36+3 sessions for RM3290 valid for 18 months, all sessions are done on one to one training with a personal trainer. This is a great deal because it is not cheap to hire a personal training if you round it up it is only RM100 per session which is really worth the price.

They also have a postnatal program for mummies. I would have joined this if I knew because it was pretty hard to maintain and restore my pre-pregnancy body after delivery.

Children learn best through play, Miya and I joined the toddler class, where we did a lot of singing, dancing, jumping and running. The class got her moving at the same time, release all that positive energy. Cheryl was the instructor of the class and I truly love how lively she made the class. The kids were enjoying her company very much.

The parenthood is the ultimate venue to seek modern-day parenting amenities, services, products & enriching experiences for parents & children. The Family Park offers parents and their children an avenue for education & play, shopping, relaxation & leisure, and dining.

In essence, “The Parenthood” comprises 4 major components:

Education & Play
Activities engaging parents and kids together at parenthood playground, workshops, and enrichment classes.

The park is filled with a fantastic mix of tenants and baby brands with a wide selection of products ranging from baby care essentials, toys, clothes, stationery, gift, art & craft and many more.

Relaxation & Leisure
Parents can pamper themselves at the beauty saloon, GEM Studio, to get their hair or medi-pedi done. Besides that, there is a Zac & Zibbo Kids Gym and WiO - power plate hub for the adults.

Indulge in a hearty meal at Lillipilli that’s tucked in the corner of the family park.

The parenthood playland is also the first London street themed indoor playground in Malaysia, they aim to provide the little ones a safe yet engaging environment to have endless fun. The rates for kids aged 2 to 12 years old are RM40 on weekdays, RM50 on weekends & public holidays. Kids below 2 years old will be charged at half the price.

For my readers who interested to sign-up at any of their first packages, just put in the code "kkw14" for 20% discount. Discount code valid till 30 June 2017 only. For more information on the classes available and schedules or Power Plate training packages, do visit their Facebook page at Parenthood Wellness or call them up at 016-2968983 for any inquiries and for a free trial class appointment.

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  1. Your LO is so adorable! I wanted to go for this event also but I had to complete the last toddler class for my eldest son (2yo) at by sensory kota damansara... and I agree with you. Bestt to allow our LO to start socializing now... even with the baby sensory and toddler sensory class once a week since my son was 8mths old (we had a break for a year cos I was expecting my 2nd son) my boy is still a lil shy with a crowd. If u're in subang there's this really good playgroup on a weekly basis that u can take ur LO to. Im planning to start my LO there soon (must be accompanied by a parent on Wed or Thurs)

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience dear. I'm living in Puchong, Subang is pretty near, can you introduce to the playgroup?

  2. I love the concept of we can also gym with the kids. But, will somebody take care of our kids during the play?

    1. Zac & Zibbo will hv trainers or instructors to guide the kids. Their classes are not more than 8 students

  3. AWW thats so cute! now we go to the gym with our kids and theres nothing to worry about safety :)

  4. this is really very good concept of a happy as well as healthy family.

  5. Wow. This is a rely nice concept and it can strengthen your relationship with you little one. Also, it's very affordable. Great job!

  6. There are so many fun activities that are suitable for kids. Parents can join in as well and strengthen the bond between parent and child.

  7. it is always loads of fun bringing the kids to such places... I did it a lot when my kids were small and how I miss the experience...

  8. Wow good to know you are preparing your kid to accept healthy Living at a very young age. This is a good foundation she will grow to appreciate as an adult who will love to stay healthy by exercise instead of struggling to keep fit like most adult today

  9. this looks interesting. will check it out for my girls

  10. Didn't know about this place until I read your post, thanks for the info sharing :)

  11. Wow! This place is so cool for mummies, gonna share with my friends/ colleagues who are mummies;) cheers,SiennyLovesDrawing

  12. This is kind of a cool and fun place for parents and children to hangout together.

  13. Practicing a healthy lifestyle starts young indeed, it's a good initiative :)

  14. If I can bring my children here .. hahaha