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by - April 15, 2017

I'm a major lover of Japanese food, on an average week, I'll be eating at least 2 meals at a Japanese restaurant. Yeah! That's how much I love eating Japanese food. I have known this place ever since it was open and it is one of my favorite Japanese restaurants in KL that I won’t ever be tired of going back to.

U Kafe is on the 2nd floor of Isetan Japan Store. The cafe is brightly lit, seatings are comfortable and spacious. There is also a lovely wall decal of Japan's landmark. Another thing that draws me to the cafe is the service. The staffs are always friendly and chirpy they also make an afford to interact with their guest making sure the customers are satisfied.

A great deal of thought goes into every item served, making sure the food is well prepared. I highly recommend the Chicken Teriyaki Plate, I always order it when I am here, it is so good I do not want to order other dishes. The other dishes I have tried from my guest are Chicken Kakitama Udon and Yaki Udon, which is good but still not as good as the Chicken Teriyaki Plate.

The Chicken Teriyaki Plate is served with brown rice, chicken teriyaki, salad and cook beans which was just perfect to be eaten with the rice and chicken.

Chicken Teriyaki Plate RM18
Chicken Kakitama Udon RM18

Yaki Udon RM18

Desserts were absolutely marvelous! A must have whenever I dine here. The sweet potato and pumpkin pudding are my favorite, the matcha cheesecake is a bit too hard for my liking. All priced at RM5.80 which is quite reasonable for the amount and the quality of food you are getting and if you are ordering a main dish, there is an additional 10% given.

Sweet potato 
Matcha Cheesecake
Overall I really like my experience here, the cafe is comfortable and welcoming. As I told you I was regular and there must be a reason which is the quality and consistency of their food and service. Pay them a visit and you will understand what I mean by that :)

U Kafe
Isetan The Japan Store 
Level 2, LOT 10, No. 50 Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur.
Opening hours: 11am - 9pm

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  1. The dessert look absolutely gorgeous. I didn't know about this place. I will be KIV-ing it and head over should I find myself in KL.

  2. that Chicken Teriyaki Plate makes me hungru already

  3. really hidden gem. the sweet potato cake look mouth watering!

  4. The terriyaki chicken looks so good! And ibdidnt know isetan had this!

  5. Truly a hidden gem. The food here looks delicious.

  6. looks like a great place to dine. Truly I missed going to Isetan.

  7. Very nice cafe. I love to try dining there.

  8. Im not a fan of Japan food. My husband is. Gonna bring him here :D

  9. OMG I love their presentation. I bet the taste would be great too. Does it got Halal cert?

    1. I'll need to check on that, will update my blog once I've found out.

  10. Aww .. the dessert looks good !

  11. I love the café. will def go back for more

  12. Chicken Teriyaki Plate look so nice!! Dont think i can finish it! and RM18 is worth it!

  13. I am going to check out this cafe. I love to eat Japanese food.

  14. Nice Japanese food. Will hunt more delicious food at Isetan. Thanks for sharing.

  15. The portion really big enough!!
    I am interested to sweet potato and matcha chocolate.
    Looks unique and cute. Should be very delicious!!

  16. The portion quite generous! How about the price?

  17. The food looks so nice~
    Would love to try it!

  18. The food so colorful! Makes me so tempt to try it out hehe

  19. Wow I love the environment, look so nice. The sweet potato and matcha cheesecake look so tasty 😍😋

  20. The foods look so delicious! I'm hungry now TT

  21. the environment look so comfort!
    and the food look delicious~~~I'm hungry Now^^