Zoo Moo Party at Dreamworld Playland Starling

by - October 14, 2017


It has been a great pleasure to join the fun with ZooMoo at their recent party at Dreamworld Playland in Starling Mall PJ. Miya had such a great time partying at the playland with ZooMoo! The special appearance of Flash The Dog and ballons giveaways made her so happy and not to mention the dessert table which was ZooMoo themed! The cupcakes, cake pops, cookies are just too pretty to be eaten and all the kids were so tempted to grab one whenever they are near it!

ZooMoo is the world's first children channel devoted entirely to the Animal World. The programme and interactive content are great for children, it entertains them with the wonders of animals, to stimulate and develop their innate emotional connection with the natural world. The interactive channel has puppets, cartoons, games, music, puzzles, and activities specially designed for a unique experience for our children. ZooMoo is available on Astro CH 619, there is also a free ZooMoo App!

The free ZooMoo App is available for download on both android and apple phones. The app is synchronized It is designed to work alongside the ZooMoo channel to extend and reinforce children's learning about, and love for, the animal world. It does this by providing children with ZooMoo Island - an animal sanctuary where they can interact with and look after up to 150 animals.

Thank you Dreamworld Playland & ZooMoo for organizing such a fun party for the kids, we truly enjoyed ourselves at the party! Dreamworld Playland organizes kids parties with different themes, for mummies & daddies who are looking for a venue to celebrate their kids birthday feel free to enquire their birthday party packages.

Facebook Page: Dreamworld Playland
Dreamworld Playland IOI City Mall : 012-7029509
Dreamworld Playland The Starling : 012-7219509

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  1. OMG that animal cake pop is very cute. Seems like you and Miya had great time there.


  2. Sounds like a very fun party.. am sure you guys had a great time over there.

  3. Looks like a great party. Great that both u n Miya had fun

  4. The sweets look delicious! I'm sure kids would love it. It's nice that there's a children channel devoted entirely to the Animal World.

  5. I should really consider to throw my kids birthday party here. Everything looks so perfect

  6. awww, sho cute! the place feels so nice.

  7. OMG sweets overload! They are too cute to be eaten though.

  8. this seemed like a fun party! great job Zoomoo

  9. Omg this is one of the collest kids party ever! The foods and those cupcakes are so cute! Glad your kid enjoys a lot.

  10. Omg how fun!! So decorative and fun! Nice job!

  11. Your lil princess very brave and cute! My son totally avoided the Mascot that day lolx