Weekend Activites | Toybox of Japan in Isetan The Japan Store

by - March 12, 2018

The Toybox of Japan is back and it is happening from 25th Feb 2018 till 22nd April 2018 at Cube1KL in Isetan The Japan Store KL. I miss out the previous one last year but Miya was too young to enjoy it back when I heard that it's back, I knew this would be a fun activity for our weekend.

Granny Lin and I took Miya to the exhibition last weekend and we had tons of fun! It was a unique experience that stimulates and triggers the curiosity of your kids while encouraging interaction and exploration at the same time. This is an eye-opener for your kids as well as a parent, I had such a great time myself.

The venue is filled with original toys inspired by Japanese products, technology, and culture, offering proactive play and learning in a variety of genres through personal hands-on experiences. Toybox of Japan has 6 skills for your kids to gain such as logical thinking, musical, physical, sociological, interpersonal and constructional.

Here are the 4 hands-on zones they provided!


Move around with a musical instrument as characters pop out at you! This stimulates curiosity through the intriguing experience of seeing "sounds" as you hear them. This was one of Miya's favorite section, she kept returning to it, dancing along with the instrument in hand and enjoy the effects on the floors.


Find your favorite toy and create your very own play style! Build animals with nails and screws, enjoy 100 moving pictures books apps, connecting pipes and houses,  learn how to balance blocks, create your very own animation, coordinate a kitchen orchestra, these quaint and unusual toys will bring endless surprises for you kids!


Create your own toys at this zone and use it for challenges, Granny Lin helped Miya with her paper plane so she could challenge herself at the paper airplane field.


Our favorite section, we spent a lot of time here, as you enter, the venue is a gigantic ocean made out of chalkboard, you can freely draw on the wall and floor with the colorful chalks provided, once you're done there is also a coloring station, print out the character you want and enjoy coloring.

The Toybox of Japan exhibition is perfect for kids aged 3-12 years old, priced at RM25 per kid and RM10 per adult. The school holidays is just round the corner, make full use of the weekend and take your kids out this fun exhibition to learn and play!

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