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by - March 02, 2018

Modern living is hectic and tiring if you ask me, leaving home early in the morning and by the time we return from work and the traffic, we are tired. If there is a way that simplifies to make home cooking fast, easy and fun that'll be great, WHISK will take these problems away from you, from creating recipes, running to the groceries, preparing and pre-portioning the ingredients and all these sent to your doorstep.


The meals are easily done in a few steps and it will usually take less than 15 minutes, every week there will be 8 varieties for you to choose from and the prices range from RM12.90 to RM18.90, once your order is made, you may choose the delivery time from 12pm-8pm.

The packaging layered with ice-packs and wrapped to ensure your ingredients are fresh and not compromised. Once opened there will be a guide card with easy step by step cooking instruction placed inside, just read the manual and start whipping your meal.


My verdict? It was easy-to-follow, the ingredients were fresh and recipes were delicious! As a working mum who is pregnant at the moment with a toddler at home, time is precious, WHISK has helped me whip up a hearty meal in the kitchen time and most importantly I know what I place on the plate is healthy and delicious! YUMS! The portion of the meal was pretty generous for the price paid, I could actually share this meal with my husband, so it all depends on how much you eat.

Meanwhile, if you are health conscious and always on the lookout, WHISK has it planned out for you, before you order you could read up the nutritional facts of your meal, this is also great for those who are watching their diet. So what are you waiting for? Ready to WHISK up a meal?


You can either go to www.whiskmeal.com or download the WHISK app to your mobile device. Browse the menu and choose any individual meal kit, check out and wait for your items to be delivered!


Join WHISK “WHISK LOVE CONTEST” and stand a chance to win a couple meal set that worth RM150!

All you need to do is upload a creative photo or video of your experience with WHISK meal on Instagram or facebook by tagging @whisktalks and using hashtag #whisklovemoment and remember to set your profile to public!

All submission under #whisklovemoment will automatically be entitled to join “WHISK LOVE CONTEST”.

5 winners will be announced every week via Instagram and facebook post on every Friday at 5:00pm. Contest runs from 4th February until 16th March. The winners will receive the couple meal at the end of the contest period.

For more information about WHISK 

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  1. Cooking is simple especially for stir frying type but the preparation takes so much of our time. I would love to try out whisk meal too. This look convenient for single woman like me.

  2. Wah macam ni pun ada! Hahaha. Senang lah kerja I kalau boleh beli macam ni. Sebab nak potong dan sediakan bahan ambil masa lama. Kalau dah siap macam ni, panaskan kuali, masuk minyak dan tumis. Kemudian masuk bahan mentah dan akhir masukkan sayur. Hahaha. Siap! Nanti nak cuba WHISK. Bagus sangat

  3. Wah mudahnya. Semua bahan tersedia. Sesuai sangat kalau kita busy seharian. Makanan yang ada pun berkhasiat. Excited nak tengok menu yang lain pula.

  4. wahhh...the best thing for women who love to cook and at the same time very busy,,should try one day

  5. OMG this is such a brilliant service and idea! It’s looks great and the outcome also looks yummy enough! It’s great for those whom not really great at cooking as well since it’s easier to follow right? Such a must try service!

  6. I love this! It does make our job easier and much more convenient. plus, the price is pretty cheap too.

  7. Wah, very easy nowadays, anyone can cook delicious dish at home with Whisk Meal malaysia. Very effective and save times especially when we juggling with many task in a day

  8. I love this package as it easier your cooking time. All the ingredients has been package in a box. No need cracking my head how to cook and what to cook. Just choose what type if box that you wish to cook today and safe time.

  9. WAh brilliant idea WHISK! 1st time i jumpa service macam ni. Memang sangat membantu kan

  10. Kitchen time getting lesser and life getting easier. This is a very great one for a busy mom as well. Well, finally I have make an order after reading this. Can't wait for this...


  11. Oh this is just lovely and extremely helpful to mums like myself as well. Completely agree with what you mean that by the time you get home you are so tired and this seems to be the perfect way to make a home cook meal seamlessly. Will check it out :)

  12. so convinient to have this kind of meal in malaysia.. Can cook everything in a pack.. this is so nice and great concept.. love it!