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by - May 18, 2018

Dealing with post-pregnancy tummies is a struggle, it is not easy to get rid of the stubborn spare tire on your tummy and it is something that really bothers me, especially when I can't fit into my clothes anymore. To be honest I miss my pre-pregnancy body so much and I know it's gonna take a lot of hard work for me to go back to my original size again so I started searching for treatments to help out with my weight loss journey.

Thanks to Premier Clinic for offering me help when I needed the most, made an appointment with their TTDI branch for consultation, after understanding my needs, Dr. Foo recommended me to try out Vanquish, a fat reduction treatment that effectively delivers reliable results even on your first treatment itself, the machine is US FDA approved, which makes the treatment extremely safe.


Vanquish is a non-invasive fat loss treatment to help you burn off those stubborn fats, for example, those stubborn stomach fat and love handles. It uses deep tissue heating that heats up the fat tissue layer using RF energy, with no risk of overheating the skin, muscles or internal organs. This process results in the natural death of fat cells and it will be metabolized by your body and remove naturally. 



Vanquish comes with adjustable panels, it covers the entire abdominal area and flanks without touching your skin. The treatment was pleasant, there were no pain or any discomfort during the 45 minutes process, I slept through the entire session. After the treatment, you may resume your normal activities.


Ideally, you will need at least 4 sessions, one session per week. It also depends on your body type as well, do consult your doctor and see what is his advice. 


It's been 3 weeks since my treatment, overall I lost a bit of everything, I notice my love handles are smaller now, my pants aren't that tight anymore, I could fit into some of my old pants again, for optimal results I will need to continue with the treatment to work towards the body shape I want.


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  1. I love to go for treatment but never get extra free time to do so, after this we muslims celebrate raya, so must do treatment every week if wanted to wear Kebaya for hari raya, must make sure every inch loss..hehehe

  2. ramai jugak kawan2 ainy share berkenaan premier clinic ni. tapi ramai share pasal treatment muka je. ainy ingat diorang cuma ada treatment untuk muka je. okaylah kalau ada untuk body sekali. senang pergi 1 tempat je tapi dapat pilih untuk buat pelbagai jenis treatment. TQ dear share.

  3. tk pernah lagi try Body Contouring Treatment..wah no pain ye selama 45 minit tu..tq you sharing your experience

  4. Hope 1 day i will get the chance to get rid my lemak2 degil with the treatment..i think its works fast for you as u just gave a baby rite..

  5. pregnancy always the reason for mummies getting 'expanding' esp on tummy and guess we should try this body contouring to get back to shape..

  6. Love our own body is the way for us to keep on loving ourselves. Having additional help also good. Hehe.

  7. wah so nice! you are so lucky can try this treatment . i was looking the same treatment too hopefully its worth it

  8. One sessions per weeks, need 4 session..that means in 1 month, we can see the positive result. is there any side effect?

  9. I really need to try this treatment. Because is not easy to get rid of my spare tyre on my tummy. If no pain! It a must treatment to try hehe

  10. Me also, miss my pre-pregnancy body. And now how struggle i am to get back my normal weight and shape. Thanks for the review. After this, i know where i need to go to solve my stuborn fats.

  11. Betul tau, susah nak hilangkan lemak -lemak yang ada selepas kita selesai melahirkan anak. Biarlah pilihan yang kita pilih makan waktu. Itu lebih baik dari yang segera. All the best.

  12. wow... body countouring treatment with vaquish? interested to hear more about it.. because i have more fat on my stomach... how much these treatment ya? it have another branch beside that place?

  13. Memang sesuai lah treatment ni untuk my body yang banyak lemak and besar ni. Tapi kalau nak buat treatment kena buat banyak kali kan? Umm kalau buat banyak kali sure harga mahal kan?

  14. Wahhhhh! Lama gak tak p buat facial dekat premier clinic ni. Beautician kat sana semua friendly dan sgt helpful.

  15. Yup, memang susah nak hilangkan spare tire pada perut selepas bersalin... tak sempat nak hilang, dah pregnant lagi...

    Anyway, perlu rajin jalani treatment ini, tak boleh nak skip jika inginkan result yang bagus ;)

  16. How much the packages the body contouring treatment? Is is expensive? Love heard the best result after the treatment.

  17. I have a bunch load of fat that can be categorized as stubborn fat indeed. Been wondering what could help me reduce it. Thanks for sharing this

  18. Rawatan macam ni ada juga positif effect dia. It really help to boost out seseorang punya confident level.