Dinosaur Kingdom at Setia EcoHill Semenyih

by - May 28, 2018


Co-Founders of Themepaktu From left to right - Berlin Lu, Justin Yee, Shas Fung, Bobby Tan

Travel back in time this holiday! Themepaktu (pronounced as theme-park-to-you) brings you Dinosaur Kingdom, a dinosaur-themed pop up mobile theme park at Setia Ecohill in Semenyih. The founders of Themepaktu wish aims to create an event that is meaningful and memorable for each of their visitors. To capture the iGeneration's interest, they work towards a modern age of mobile theme parks with educational activities, entertainment and more. 

Dinosaur Kingdom is packed with a variety of stimulating and interactive activities, during their press conference, we got a chance of a sneak peak of their live shows which was very lively, the performance had lots of energy, music and humor in it and we also got to get up close with lifelike dinosaurs. With such a lineup, I can't wait to bring my kids there to experience it for themselves, they will be thrilled. 

Site Map of Dinosaur Kingdom

Dinosaur Kingdom comprised with 5 elements, such as live shows, interactive activities and attractions, games, food and beverages and Dinosaur merchandise.

The themed park is filled with fun attractions such as the Pterosaurs Nest, Baby Dinosaur Trail, Raptor's Maze, Dinosaur Wild Park Live show, 25 Animatronic Dinosaur, Drift Island, 5D Cinema, Racing Raptors and many more. With such a fun programme planned, Dinosaur Kingdom will be popular a popular spot this holiday. 


Setia EcoHill Semenyih

Operating Hours 

Touring from 14th June 2018 till 8th July 2018 
12pm till 1030pm daily


* FREE for kids below 3 years old 
Tickets can be purchased through Themepaktu apps, website or at site.
p/s if you download the apps and purchase your tickets, you will stand a chance to win some prizes

❤ The joy of giving joy to others 

Themepaktu along with Dunkin Donuts & Rotary Club is giving the orphans an opportunity to experience Dinosaur Kingdom. For every pledge RM80 made, they will pledge for another orphan too! 
*p/s Pledges can be made through their website https://themepaktu.com/

For more information on Themepaktu Dinosaur Kingdom, visit their

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  1. menarik ni kalau nak bawak kanak-kanak. harga pun tak mahal sangat. nanti nak bawak anak sedara la kesini.

  2. wahh a new attraction especially for the kids...the best part the price is not expensive still affordable...should bring kids one day here :-)

  3. its a good activity to bring your kids here...
    but my daugter takut dinosaur..
    macam mana tu..
    haha after this i kasi tengok dulu dinosaur kat TV.. then dia tak takut I bawa later..

  4. is always fun to bring kids to go there and enjoy.

  5. Nampak macam kids will enjoy this. Boleh explore spesis dinosaur kat sini. Harga tiket pun ok lah. Berpatutan juga since bawah 3 thn masuk secara percuma.

  6. Wow..really interesting..can bring my niece and nephew here..Dinasour Kingdom really can attract not only child but adult toom.will bring them there after raya..

  7. interesting..hope I have the time and chance to bring the kids here..very sure that they will be so excited as I am too..

  8. Kenapa sekarang ni semua tempat suka buat konsep zaman Dinosaur ni hehehe makin popular sampai kita tak tahu nak pergi mana satu. Kat sini pun menarik juga banyak binatang hehehehe...

  9. Looks happening. So many dinosaur there. One day i will be there to brings my kids. The price also affordable. Thank you sharing

  10. What a lovely place for kids to visit. I am sure they gonna love it. The price ticket is quite cheap. Can bring one full bus lah kalau mcm nie. Hahaha. I also would love to go there and experience all the excitement this place can offer.

  11. This dinosaur kingdom looks so great.. will surely bring my kiddos go... They must love it!

  12. Sesiapa yg ada anak2 kecil sure suka tempat2 macam ni. Anak sis semua dah besar2.
    Nanti sis akan inform dgnn member2 pasal this place

  13. Menariknya dinasour kingdom nibukan budak-bukan je suka.Dewasa seperti Ika pun suka Dinasour taw.