Improve Your Child's Math Skills with Groiler Keymatic

by - December 03, 2018

Do you find mathematic important? I do and it is a shame that I am not very good at it but I want something different for my daughter. Grolier is well known for publishing children's book and educational material that helps address specific needs and promote in-home learning guided by parents.

This year, Grolier Keymatic hits the market with the aim to improve basic math skills in children as young as four. One way to build math abilities is to focus on helping them to learn context that is fun yet meaningful to them. This tool will help enhance the educational development and well-being of our children in a fun learning process.

I got a chance to try this out during the launch and I found it really engaging, even as an adult it took me a little bit of time to figure out and get the hang of it and I really liked how the correct answers can be found once you flip the key and if you're wrong, try again.

Grolier Keymatic comes with the aforementioned five Keymatic sets, also contains four Wipe Clean Work Books, four Wipe Clean Marker Pens and a Parent Guide Book to teach us how to use this kit at home. One of the unique features of Keymatic is to ensure children to learn basic maths at home with more practice. Many activities are provided in the workbooks, teachers or parents can use it to conduct fun and engaging activities with their students.

An example of a fun activity to conduct would be a race between students and teachers or their fellow classmates in the class to see who completes the challenge first.

Through Grolier Keymatic, children will achieve an automatic recall of basic math facts, which in turn will allow them to free up their working memory so that it can be devoted to problem-solving, learning new concepts and higher level math skills.

I started introducing Miya to basic addition, she is 3 years old this year and it took us a while before she understood but I started to see improvement on her after using it consistently for every day for 15 minutes. She is still slow but slowly getting the hang of it, practice makes perfect and I find this a great bonding session after I bring her home from daycare.

If you're interested with Grolier Keymatic, get your child free multiple intelligent assessments by Grolier's education consultant, they will help address any learning disabilities and suggest you the suitable package.

For more information about Groiler Asia visit their website at or stay tuned their Facebook Page for latest updates

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