Gtech Multi Handheld Cordless Vaccum and Gtech AirRam MK 2

by - December 13, 2018

A vacuum is an essential home cleaning tool whether or not you have allergies especially when I have children and a cat at home, I make sure I do it every week the keep the environment as clean as possible because I wouldn't want to trigger any unnecessary problems such as eczema or dust mite allergy reaction.

Having eczema history ever since my first pregnancy made me change my lifestyle a lot, I had the need to maintain good dust control to reduce allergens at home because my skin reacts when it gets dusty.

Since I clean my house daily, getting a good vacuum that will really ease my work. My previous vacuum cleaner is gigantic, it requires me to replace the dust bags when it's full and the cord is forever not long enough which is why I find it really troublesome to use.

I'm so happy with my recent purchase of Gtech Multi Handheld Cordless Vaccum and Gtech AirRam MK 2, I find this duo is the perfect combination. The Multi helps the work above ground and the AirRam does the job on the ground.

I use the Gtech Multi for my beds, sofas, just look at how much "dust" I sucked out of my bed during my first use, can't imagine I've been sleeping with so must dust all this while, this vacuum is certified to clears 99.7% of dust mites and it comes with an additional 3 different brush heads to help me reach places that are difficult such as my sliding door tracks or my window grills.

The Gtech AirRam has replaced my broom because I realize vacuuming cleans my house better while sweeping just move the dust from one plus to another. It picks up dust and debris on your floor and it clean through the edge, no more worrying when my kids spilling biscuits or what not on my floor, I can easily clean it up now.

Plus point it runs on my carpets and playmat as well to help remove my pets hair and the handle can be lowered down so it fits underneath my sofas, that really saves me from moving my furniture around.

Having a cordless vacuum cleaner with great suction power has really changed my life, it saves time and it gets me everywhere, I only need to make sure the battery is well charge, Gtech vacuum comes with a LED display indicates how much charge is left in the battery so I know when it's time to recharge my unit.

Cleaning the vacuum is also hassle-free since it's bagless, just empty the dust in your dustbin and wash the filters and I'm so happy I do not need to pay extra to purchase filter bags anymore.

If you're wondering what's my weekly vacuum routine, here it is!

I usually start with my master bedroom and work my way to the rest of the place at home. Starting from my windows railings, curtains, bedding, sofas and then the television set. By the way, since you're at it, don't forget to vacuum your car as well, I find it equally important to keep it clean especially when one of my cars is carpeted and my children's car seat.

Having the two of them at home is ideal, my house has literally never been so dust free. Living in Malaysia means we face high humidity and that is the temperature dust mites thrive on so it is really important to use a vacuum that gets the job done.

Gtech Multi Handheld Cordless Vaccum 
and Gtech AirRam MK come with 2 years comprehensive warranty from the supplier, the showroom is located in Sunway Geo, go try out the real thing and feel it for yourself, you could also check out their website and purchase it online.

pssssss/// There's a promotion on going, if you're planning to purchase both of the units, Gtech Multi Handheld Cordless Vaccum and Gtech AirRam MK this is a great time to do so. Here is the link

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