Be The Best You This Valentine's Day with Lactacyd

by - February 14, 2019

Valentine's Day may be the most romantic day of the year but Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to just be about romantic love, it's all about spreading love to your family and friends as well and most important person in the world - yourself. You can't love someone else until you truly love yourself and learning to love one's self is also important as well.

This Valentine's Day, I was invited for a Tea Party at Greenhouse by Muir hosted by Lactacyd, the No.1 Feminine wash worldwide. Themed ‘Be The Best You on V Day’ this Valentine Lactacyd takes a step to beat the norm, encouraging women from all walks of life to love themselves first by making better and healthier choices, part of the tea party we also enjoyed a discussion on various aspects of self-care and beauty and vaginal care and a flower arrangement session.

Lactacyd has been innovating feminine care products to support women at different stages of life, the brand has been around for 30 years, currently, it carries 4 diffrent care to answer different types of women’s need. Every bottle of Lactacyd is specially formulated with natural milk Lactoserum and Lactic acid that helps maintain the PH balance of your V.

#1 Feminine Hygiene - Gives your V natural care and protection during your menstuation with a balanced pH level, all day long

#2 All Day Fresh - Perfect for those who love adventure and sports, indulge in herbal essences and long-lasting freshness for all-day play with 24 hours odor shield technology

#3 Soft & Silky - Contains milk-based moisturizing ingredients to give you a smooth and silky treat for grooming aftercare. 

#4  White Intimate - Natural way to intimate fairness and welcome a day of romance and glamour. 

The discussion was hosted by three amazing women, namely Datuk Dr. Nor Ashikin Mokhtar, an obstetrics and gynecology specialist; Weena Marcus, Miss Tourism Malaysia 2009/2010, and beauty lifestyle influencer; and Juanita Ramayah, former HITZ radio host and current TV host discussed ways on loving and embracing yourself by taking care of your personal hygiene and how vaginal PH balance matter for a healthy vagina.

Through the discussion, Lactacyd unveiled the fact that most women do not spend much on feminine products other than sanitary napkins and would only seek help when an infection occurs. Our vagina is a major part of the woman's body, it has the ability to push a child through it, bringing life into the world which is unbelievable and ladies we all should pay a little bit more attention to it by keeping it clean and comfortable. 

During the event, I also got the chance to create my own 'Loving Me Basket' guided by The Florest, it was my first-hand experience for flower arrangements and I really enjoyed the step-by-step on how to make my own bouquet of flowers accompanied by Lactacyd products. 

Thank you Lactacyd for arranging such a fun tea party for us, it was great to catch up, and enjoy everyone’s company at the same time I've gained informative to learn the importance of vaginal care, after all, true confidence comes from within because when you are confident, you can take over the world and Lactacyd is there for you to achieve this.

So ladies, this Valentine's don't forget to love yourself as well and take good care of your miss V 

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