Homemade Baby Food with Béaba Babycook Solo

by - February 22, 2019

Hi mummies, I'm just so excited whenever the weekends come because I get to be the cook for my little Baby Mina. She started weaning off when she was 6 months and one of the promises I made to myself is to make my own baby food at home because during my first child, Miya I didn't get a chance to do so because my nanny had it all covered.

Making your own baby food has many benefits, part of it is enjoying the process, trying out different food and seeing how it works out for your child is just pure bliss. Plus, I know what exactly I'm putting in my baby's mouth, unlike processed or jarred food which is likely to have fewer nutrients in it. At the end of the day, I just want to create a nutritious and delicious meal for my lil Baby Mina.

In order for a pleasant journey, investing in the right tools really matters. I was introduced to Béaba Babycook Solo by a friend, she raved about how easy it was, which kinda excite me as well because I have got a really small kitchen and this seems to fit my criteria - it steam, blends, defrost and reheat, I was over the moon with this tool. You will not imagine what delicious recipes I am able to whip up in just 15minutes plus how little cleaning that needs to be done!

So in this post, I will  take you through how I homemade baby food with my Béaba Babycook Solo
 I got mine from babydots , went over to their physical store in TTDI  to check it out before purchasing. 

Anyway, before I start here are some TIPS before we start, happy weaning :) 

#1 Stick with one food for a couple of days before you introduce another. Just in case if your baby is allergic to a certain type of food. 

#2 If your baby refuses to eat the veg/fruit, don't give up, try again in a couple of days. Persistence is the key :) 

#3 Do not force your baby to eat if he/she doesn't want to, they are still new with it, try to add BM/FM into your food or start with purees that's sweet like bananas, pear, and apples. I added in vegetables slowly, Mina's favorites are broccoli and peas. 

How to Steam & Blend?

Depending on what type of food you are steaming, there's marking (1,2,3) that help you measure the water needed for a steaming cycle. For instance, apples require only 1 but if you're steaming carrots i'll require 3. 

What are my favorite recipes?

#1 Avacado + Banana

The easiest of all just cut the bananas and avocados into pieces and puree until smooth.

#2 Peach Oatmeal

Use 1 measure of water to steam the organic oats, add in the cut peaches and blend until the right consistency.

I started this recipe with Mina last month when she turned 10 months old, basically, you can replace it with any fruit puree and this is the perfect breakfast + Miya likes it too!  

Throwing together a nutritious and delicious meal with the Béaba Babycook Solo for my girls takes minimal effort so mummies there's no reason not too prepare your own food because it's easier than you think. I hope this is helpful for mummies out there, have fun making baby purees mummies!
If you've got any favorite recipes do leave it in the comment so I'll get a chance to try it too :) 

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