KISS Mineral Make Up + 10% discount code

by - April 25, 2019

Hi loves! How's everyone doing? Thanks to KISS Mineral for having me over their workshop last week, I had a chance to learn about mineral makeup, the benefits of using mineral makeup, the difference
between traditional makeup and the tips and tricks on applying on mineral makeup, seriously it wasn't ash ard as you think.

Are you super conscious about what you put on your face? Let me introduce you to mineral makeup, it is known for its breathable, natural feel it is perfect for achieving the no makeup look and it is suitable for all skin type and that includes oily skin, as the natural minerals actually absorb oils. The simple ingredients won’t irritate skin or clog pores because they do not contain oil.

KISS Mineral is an Australian brand using 100% pure mineral and mineral pigment that's suitable for all skin types you can forget about the nasty stuff like parabens, petroleum, heavy metal, synthetic color and toxic that you find in your traditional makeup. The collection includes foundations, eyeshadows, eyeliner, mascara, lipsticks, sunscreen & cleansing oil.

If traditional makeup irritates your skin, KISS Mineral products could be your salvation, the product line is 100% mineral so as you're wearing it throughout the day, your skin is breathing and your skin is getting better. It's truly effective and restorative especially those with oily skin acne prone skin, try it out for a week and you'll notice your skin feeling and looking healthier when used over a period.

My makeup routine with KISS Mineral 

Applying loose mineral powder can be easy and look incredibly natural and flawless. It just takes a few helpful makeup application tips and a little practice to get it perfect.

Tap a small amount of product on the lid and swirl it onto the brush. Make sure you swirl properly so the product gets into every part of the brush and start applying to your skin in a circular, buffing motion.

• Prep my face with the KISS mineral Premium Mineral Setting Powder, my skin is really oily lately no thanks to the heatwave so this step is really important because it will prevent my makeup from sliding off and it gives me a more matte and longer-lasting finish by controlling excess oil production.

• Followed by the application of KISS mineral Premium Mineral Foundation, I am using natural blonde. Remember to Buffy evenly, I always start at the center of my face and work my way outwards. On days I need a higher coverage I apply a few more layers, remember less is more, do not use too much at a time because it might get cakey if the application is not done properly, the key is to slowly build it up.

• Finish off with KISS mineral Premium Mineral Setting Powder again

• For days I want to conceal my dark eye circles, I use a smaller brush to apply my mineral powder in a tapping motion instead of a buffing one.

My verdict?

I love it! This will be my first time trying out mineral makeup and I am really surprised it stays on very well. last me through my 8 hour work day. It's amazing how the product is so lightweight I don't feel a thing on my skin.

After 8 hours of having the makeup on my face, this is the first time I do not have to blot my skin and my skin doesn't feel oily after using it and my foundation lasts twice as long as it normally does so I highly recommend this to those who are looking for a longer-lasting foundation with a super flawless finish.

Here's the best part girls! Save 10% on your first purchase when you try out KISS Mineral products so there’s no excuse to miss out on getting your own! Just enter JIASHIN10 at checkout when you purchase from their website 

For more information about KISS Mineral follow them at their social media page below 

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